The Food Truck In Disguise – Chef Josh Aronie Cooking Up Tasty Off-Season Food On Martha’s Vineyard

The Food Truck In Disguise - Chef Josh Aronie In Chilmark

Though many places have closed their doors for a Winter break, there is one place that thrives during the off-season on Martha’s Vineyard, The Food Truck.

If you’ve driven by the Chilmark General Store recently between the hours of 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., you’ve probably seen the Cook Truck, and wondered to yourself is that Josh Aronie still? Did he change the name of his food truck?

The answer is yes, it’s still Josh’s truck and the name is still technically The Food Truck. The confusion lies with the new truck which has been a wonderful change for Josh and his crew.

The food truck used in past years was not in the best shape, and was proving challenging. Also, the rent was going up. For a time, Josh thought The Food Truck was not going to happen this year.

However, that Vineyard magic strikes again. During the Summer when The Homeport was open, which is Josh’s kitchen during the season, a frequent visitor, Jay Bodnar, co-owner of Vinland Construction, asked Josh if he was interested in a different food truck.

Jay had seen one in the backyard of one of his client’s houses in Aquinnah and thought it might be able to be rented.

Josh jumped on the opportunity and it has worked out perfectly. The truck was not being used during the months Josh would need it, and the owner was happy to have the truck used.

The Cook Truck

It ended up that the truck went back to its home off-Island, a town outside of Binghamton, New York.

Not a problem because the owner of the Cook Truck, Tony Shaw, drove it back up for Josh in the beginning of November. Just in time for Josh’s season to begin.

Chef Josh Aronie In The Food Truck Martha's Vineyard

Now this is a serious food truck, the mack daddy of food trucks. It’s big and and well equipped. The inside shines and is spacious and Josh loves it.

The flat top, the frier, the food prep space, it’s all amazing. It might even make delicious food even more fabulous.

When the Cook Truck is not The Food Truck on MV, it can be found at different events, like concerts and art strolls around Binghamton.

The Food Truck

Though the truck is completely different, many things are the same, luckily. First of all, the rosemary fries are still available — which happen to be one of my personal favorites. Those alone are worth the drive up-Island.

Rosemary fries At The Martha's Vineyard Food Truck

There are some consistent menu items, like the top three sellers, the chicken sandwich, the burger, and the falafel. In addition, you’ll find the breakfast burrito and the veggie wrap.

There are also daily specials. When I was there, it was a tuna melt which happened to sell out.

Waiting Line At The Martha's Vineyard Food Truck

One of the best things about going to The Food Truck in 20 degree temps is getting that hot, fresh food. People don’t mind waiting because the food is hot and sooooo good.

Veggie Wrap At The Martha's Vineyard Food Truck Chef Josh Aronie

I got the veggie wrap with some modifications. I added bacon, which might seem strange to some, but bacon makes everything even yummier, and I went light on the sautéed onions (onions are not my favorite).

I happened to be in the truck and was able to see firsthand the ingredients for my wrap. The collection of veggies was plenty and beautiful, and I was excited to eat something healthy and hearty.

Veggie Wrap By Chef Josh Aronie Martha's Vineyard Food Truck

And, it did not disappoint. So full of flavor and veggies, and the bacon just made it that much more delicious! I can’t believe something so good comes from a truck!

Chicken sandwich At Martha's Vineyard Food Truck Chilmark

My husband got the chicken sandwich and he loved it. It was loaded, with bacon and onions and more. He gobbled it up.

It was such a big sandwich, but he was able to enjoy a couple of fries as well — which we had to wrestle away from our kiddos. The Food Truck is a family affair for us.

Chilmark coffee At Martha's Vineyard Food TruckDon’t forget to save room for Angela’s fresh baked cookies which will satisfy your sweet tooth and a cup of piping hot Chilmark Coffee which will warm you up on these chilly days.

Tips For The Food Truck

If you’re pressed for time, you can text your order to The Food Truck. Curious about specials, you can check out The Food Truck on Twitter or Facebook. Usually the specials are up.

Chef Josh Aronie Cooking At Martha's Vineyard Food Truck Chilmark

Also, you might want to eat your sandwich or wrap before driving away. I consider myself an expert food-in-the-car eater, but my wrap was packed and juicy and I got it everywhere.

However, it was so good, I didn’t mind.

The Food Truck is open November – May, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The number to text for your order is, 508-560-5883. You can also sign up for a daily menu update. Perfect for you frequent visitors.

Martha's Vineyard Food Truck Phone Text Orders

I think there are a lot of Islanders who are happy to have The Food Truck back again during the off-season up-Island. I love that a new truck came into Josh’s life, and things worked out.

My only question is, why can’t we have it a State Beach during the Summer months. It would be so good to have that kind of food available by the beach!

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