The Lampost Is Getting A Serious Renovation & Circuit Avenue In Oak Bluffs Will Never Be The Same

Last week I decided to stop by Mocha Motts in Oak Bluffs for a little refueling, and couldn’t believe what I saw happening right next store at the Lampost. There was a huge portion of it missing. Excited and curious, I asked one of the owners, Janet Dyer Cummings if she’d share what was up.

The Lampost Bar & Nightclub In Oak Bluffs Goes Under Major Renovation On Circuit AvenueJanet and I met at Mocha Motts to chat, and then take a tour of the Lampost while under construction.

A New Perspective on the Lampost

The Architectural Drawing Of The New Lampost On Circuit Avenue Oak BluffsWow is all I have to say. I can’t believe what’s happening to the space.

Let’s talk about the front first, since it’s what you can see as you drive by. The now empty space will be home to a beautiful porch for outdoor dining.

Yes, that’s right, a porch that will have an entrance from the street and from inside. It’s going to be beautiful and really change the appearance, and people’s impression of the Lampost.

The Lampost used to have a porch years ago, and it’s being brought back to its original grandeur. Yes, I did use the word grandeur in the same sentence as the Lampost.

You’ll see. And at the end of this On Point Blog post, there will be a little interesting tidbit about the history of this club.

There will be a whole new paint color scheme on the inside and outside. Think muted grays and whites. Gone are the steal, unfriendly doors that you walked through to get inside.

Gone is the staircase that greeted you immediately. The staircase as been relocated, opening up some serious space, making it more welcoming.

Where The New Large Windows Will Be Going At The Lampost In Oak BLuffsA couple of the pool tables have been removed, and there will be high top tables there instead for drinking and dining. After all, there will be large windows in that space now, letting in lots of light.

More Than a Night Club

The Lampost started serving food last year in partnership with Skinny’s Fat Sandwiches. Skinny’s kithcen was used for the preparation, and served at the Lampost. The food was good. and well received.

With this renovation however, the Lampost is getting its own kitchen. Al King, from Skinny’s, will be there serving up some really good Vineyard pub-inspired food. Janet could not be more excited about this. She has visions of enjoying the popular fish tacos on the porch with her two little boys.

Having a kitchen and great outdoor dining will help establish the Lampost as a place to visit anytime of the day, not just from 10 p.m. – 1:30 a.m, when it used to get most of its business.

It will be a place that you’ll notice as you walk by, and a place where you will want to eat. Imagine sitting on the porch, a warm day, watching people from the second floor while enjoying a bevy. I almost can’t believe it.

When people see the changes, I think they will be shocked. People will view this place in a whole new light. You’ll want to be there during the day.  But, don’t you worry, because at night, it will be the same old Lampost with DJs spinning and bands playing, drinks flowing, and lots of fun being had.

Practically the whole inside is getting a little upgrade. For the first time, maybe because it was in the daylight, I noticed this great booth by the stage. This might be my new favorite place when I’m there.

The booth is being completely redone with cool, modern fabric. The tiger will be no more. I have visions of enjoying a martini there with my girlfriends, enjoying the scene.

Also, the third floor lounge is getting a new look too. If you’ve not been there before, it’s a great space for private parties or to just be away from it all. The space is being made over into a real lounge area. Swanky and private, and full of possibilities.

The Dive Bar

Let’s not forget to mention the Dive Bar. It too is getting a little love. There are going to be big windows put in so you can catch a glimpse of the action.

Also, if you’ve ever been to the T.G.I Friday’s on Newbury Street in Boston and noticed the lower outdoor seating — something similar is happening with the Dive Bar space outside. Crazy right!  Circuit Ave is stepping it up my friends.

This is a big year for the Lampost and its owners, Janet and Adam Cummings, her dad, Andrew Dyer, and Jamie Hayes. It’s their 10 year anniversary of owning the club, and the year they’re making their vision of it come alive. Island Architect, Maurice “Mo” O’Connor is helping to make it happen

Inspired by the town of Oak Bluff’s desire to work on beautifying downtown, there was no better time. It’s exciting that the Lampost is going to be the shining star at the end of Circuit Avenue.

It gives hope for the rest of the properties. Perhaps other building owners will take notice and follow suit.

The Lampost is changing physically but it will still be one of the best places for late night shenanigans and fun, but you can also go there during the day. Also, the prices won’t be effected by the changes which is important to its loyal customers.

It will be affordable, good food, and the same great drinks, just a little nicer.

A Little History About the Lampost

I had no idea about the rich history of this club until I did a little research for this On Point post. This is from the Lampost’s website:

The Lampost has been an island fixture since before the Pilgrims settled on the Mainland. A little know fact is that the Lampost is the longest running nightclub in the United States (at least that’s what we were told when we bought it). The club changed hands in 2004.

The current owners were all former employees back in the 1990’s who had a vision to make this one of the best clubs in the country. We had our hands full. What the building lacked in style and cleanliness, it made up for in space and character. The Lampost is an ever changing roller coaster that we hope you will join us for the ride.

Also noteworthy — since it is such an old building — it’s haunted. The Dive Bar more than the upstairs. The owners announce themselves when they first arrive there. Janet says you can feel it, and a number of employees have seen some interesting things.

I had no idea that the Lampost had such a long history. It kinda makes me like it a bit more. It’s four floors with a history on this Island, and now a whole new chapter is beginning.  Here’s to another 100 years of fun here!

The Lampost is opening on April 1st. Even though it’s quite the construction zone right now, chances are they’ll open on time. There are a lot of family members working hard on this renovation. It’s sort of a family affair. Of course I’ll follow-up with an On Point Blog post featuring all the changes.

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8 thoughts on “The Lampost Is Getting A Serious Renovation & Circuit Avenue In Oak Bluffs Will Never Be The Same”

  1. It was never the same after Take it Easy Baby closed it’s doors. We will all survive the improvements at the Lampost.

  2. “The Lampost has been an island fixture since before the Pilgrims settled on the Mainland.”

    Unless it was run by the Wampanoag, I don’t think this is possible.

    The Pilgrims came to Plymouth in 1620, the Vineyard wasn’t settled by Europeans until 1642 and the settled in Edgartown.

    1. Maybe the owners were having a little fun with that sentence because you’re right. I’ll let them know – that paragraph is from the Lampost website. Thank you Ed.


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