The Martha’s Vineyard Teddy Bear Suite Raises Record Money For The MV Boys & Girls Club

Martha's Vineyard Teddy Bear Suite Fundraiser Presents Check For $12,906 To Martha's Vineyard Boys & Girls Club

The Martha’s Vineyard Teddy Bear Suite raised almost $13,000 for the Martha’s Vineyard Boys & Girls Club, our highest total to date.

This week, Point B was at the Club along with our friends from the Harbor View Hotel, to take a first-hand look at how and where the fundraising money is going, as well as present a ceremonial check for $12, 906 to executive director, Pete Lambos, and board member, Sydney Mullen.

Teddy Bear Suite organizers and partners (pictured above, left to right): Sydney Mullen, Guinevere Cramer, Wendy Harman, Pete Lambos, Andrew Bartlett, Elizabeth Rothwell, Megan Honey.

Boys & Girls Club

The Club was full of children, enjoying all the Club has to offer at its After School Program. However, many were interested in learning why we were all there and of course thought the super big check was worth checking out.

Teddy Bear Suite Creator Wendy Harman Plays Foosball With A New Friend At The Martha's Vineyard Boys & Girls Club

It was wonderful to have a chance to talk and interact with many of the children, and tell them why we were there. Having the chance to give such a sizable donation that impacts so many children on Martha’s Vineyard, is a truly joyous experience.

Fundraising Money Already At Work

Much of the money raised has already been put to work. The Martha’s Vineyard Teddy Bear Suite’s goal this past year was to raise money to help renovate the popular Games Room, where many of the children in the After School Program spend their time. The Games Room needed a lot of work.

MV Boys & Girls Club Donation Money From Teddy Bear Suite Already Being Used To Make The Club Better

So far, $11,000 has been used for improvements, and Pete and his staff and the kids are thrilled with the changes. The old carpet in the Games Room was removed. They sealed the concrete. Parker Carpet installed new carpet squares, which look and feel so much better then the decades old carpet they replaced.

Many of the walls of the Games Room have been repainted. The mustard yellow is almost gone, replaced by Vineyard Purple. A vast improvement. There’s still one wall remaining that will be done in the next couple of weeks.

For safety, the dance floor boarder trim was replaced, and  the Club repaired and upgraded all lighting and electrical outlets in the Games Room. The brightness of the space is noticeable and makes the room much more cheery. Add the new paint and the Club is looking pretty amazing!

Fundraiser Donations Have Paid For New Carpet, Paint & Ping Pong TAble

With the remaining money, a new flat screen TV will be purchased to replace the old, malfunctioning one. A new ping pong table is on its way, replacing the current broken one. The painting will be finished. And as an added bonus, the Games Room lounge furniture is being re-upholstered.

The money from the Teddy Bear Suite has enabled the Club to do all of these changes and additions that have been needed for a long time. Seeing it all and the smiles of the kids at the Club is priceless.

The Martha's Vineyard Teddy Bear Suite At The Harbor View Hotel Captain's Cottage

The Teddy Bear Suite not only helps make the holidays more magical on Martha’s Vineyard, but also is making an impact on the lives of so many children year-round. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish with your help next year.

We would like to thank everyone who supported our annual fundraising drive. During our month long fundraiser, we had more than 1,500 visitors to the Teddy Bear Suite in its new home at the Harbor View Hotel Captain’s Cottages. People generously donated at the door and online. Again, a big thank you to everyone who shared some of our holiday magic and is helping make dreams come true right here on our Island.

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