Now We Big Kids Have A Place To Play Year-Round On Martha’s Vineyard: Introducing Loft In Oak Bluffs

Loft at Dreamland Oak Bluffs Bar Restaurant Pool & Game Lounge Martha's Vineyard

Every winter, we say there’s nothing to do on Martha’s Vineyard. However, we all know that’s not true. Sometimes you have to create your own fun or now — you can head to Loft at Dreamland in Oak Bluffs.

Loft at Dreamland Oak Bluffs Pool Video Games Ping Pong Bar Martha's Vineyard Restaurant Game Room

JB Blau and his team are at it again, creating a playground for adults where Dreamalnd is located (above JB’s MV Chowder Company restaurant on Oak Bluffs Avenue).

Gone are the weddings and concerts in that lofty second floor space, and here to stay are an assortment of games for adults.

The Loft at Dreamland Oak Bluffs Lounge & Game Room Martha's Vineyard Sports Bar

Let me paint the scene for you. Walking through the doors, you are immediately aware of the change. The dark colors and industrial light fixtures make an impact.

Amazing what a coat of paint can do. Head up the stairs and WOW, a whole new world.

Martha's Vineyard Bar & Lounge Loft at Dreamland Oak Bluffs Pool Game Room

What used to seem vast and impersonal is now warm and welcoming. The bar is in the same place, though redone, but everything else is different.

There are toys for us big kids everywhere (Loft is 21+). There’s Foosball, shuffle board, pool tables, video games, darts, TV’s, board games, and more. It’s fantastic! I didn’t know where to begin.

Something for Every Gamer

For the shuffle board tables, there are two styles. The classic of course, and then Bounce Back, which is a bit trickier. Sadly, I have no idea how to play shuffle board, but perhaps this is the year.

There’s no cost to use the shuffle boards, but that might change as we get closer to Summer.

Regular Shuffle Board At The Loft At Dreamland Game Room & Bar Oak Bluffs

For pool tables, there are the usual pool hall seven-foot tables, which are $1 per game, and there’s also two eight-foot tables that offer a more challenging game.

These tables are rented by the hour for under $10. You can really have your own space and get into the game.

Pool Table Area Of Loft At Dreamland Bar Lounge Restaurant Oak Bluffs

In addition to the many TV’s lining the walls all around the space, there’s a 16-foot projection style TV with a big lounge area in front of it.

There are large, oversized couches and chairs that have coffee tables for your beverages and food. You’ll also find an assortment of board games here to play if you’d like. I couldn’t help but smile when I saw Sorry in the pile, one of my favorites as a kid.

Lounge Seating Loft At Dreamland Oak Bluffs Bar Game Room

I’ve saved the best for last — the dart boards. Like a beacon when you walk in, the well-lit wooden wall with three dart boards catches your eye.

Well lots of things catch your eye, the new wall color, the lighting, the games, the laughter of other patrons. However, I knew immediately that I would be back to play a little game of Cricket. Darts are also free to play in the off-season.

Loft At Dreamland Features Dart Boards Pool Tables Shuffle Board Game Room

I did actually go back that same night to play and it was so fun. I loved darts in college. I was never any good but there were many good times doing so. The boards are well lit, there are plenty of darts, score boards, and tables for drinks.

Blogger Guinevere Cramer Playing Darts At Loft At Dreamland Oak Bluffs Bar Game Room

A good design note. The wood behind the dart boards is made from the pallets that came from the first liquor delivery to the Loft.  It’s a way to immortalize that significant moment. Very cool!

Loft At Dreamland Bar & Food

Drink Menu: Loft At Dreamland Bar & Lounge Martha's Vineyard RestaurantsAt the bar, you’ll find a great assortment of draft beers, and craft beers available in bottles and cans. The drink menu is fun, with names like “Harbor Rat” and “Simmer Down.”

The cocktails are named after the titles of songs from bands that played at Dreamland, a nod to the space’s heritage, though brief. The “Harbor Rat,” for instance, is a song by the Island’s own DCLA.

You can get food at Loft. Currently it’s from MV Chowder Company, but soon Loft will have it’s very own food menu, very different from downstairs.

There’s a brand new kitchen in back, and JB told me that the menu is going to be really good. Also, you’ll see some familiar, friendly faces from MV ChoCo.

The Loft at Dreamland Bar & Servers Oak Bluffs Bar Lounge New Game Room

There are a number of other additions to come to the Loft in the future. It was JB’s goal to get it open and available for Islanders.

Experiencing one of the toughest winters, he knew that the Island needed something to do indoors that was fun, affordable, and year-round ASAP — and so Loft opened the first full weekend in March.

More To Come: Loft At Dreamland

This has been a soft opening so to say. There’s still more to come, like ping pong in the front space, pinball on the walls by the bar, more videos games, and maybe a couple other fun things.

I love that more stuff is coming, gives you reason to go back. Though I don’t think you’ll need another reason once you go. The Grand-Opening is planned for Tuesday, St. Patrick’s Day, and I imagine it will be quite a fun night.

Loft At Dreamland busy on a Saturday afternoon

The Loft at Dreamland. Well played JB Blau. This is going to be a winner for sure. If you’re not familiar with JB, he’s the guy behind the Sharky’s Cantina restaurants, Martha’s Vineyard Chowder Company, and Copper Wok.

Want to visit Loft? It’s open Monday thru Thursday, 5 p.m. to closing, Friday, 5 p.m. – 1 a.m., Saturday 2 p.m. to 1 a.m. and Sunday 2 p.m. to late. The hours will be longer come summer, but these current hours, offer a lot of time to get in and play a little.

Beers at Loft

Please note that there is no elevator or lift up to the Loft.

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6 thoughts on “Now We Big Kids Have A Place To Play Year-Round On Martha’s Vineyard: Introducing Loft In Oak Bluffs”

  1. Loft sounds great and is needed on the Island year round. That said I see the same issue, why didn’t they include the young college kids (age 18-20) not make it just for 21+.
    There is very little for that age group to do on the Island.
    Everyone wonders why the Island has a drug issue!!!!

    1. Hi Pat,
      Thanks for reading On Point. Perhaps there will be special 18 and over events. From my conversation with JB, the insurance for including the under 21 crowd is really significant.

      However, I agree with you and hope to see some special events for the young adults.

  2. It may be helpful to let folks know that the Loft is reached by going up a large set of stairs, and that there currently is not elevator or lift for folks unable to use the steps. Thanks.

    1. Allison –
      So sorry that we did not include that in our story. Thank you for reminding us.


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