The “Nook” Opens Its Doors In Vineyard Haven – Crepes, Coffee & More

Nat's Nook in Vineyard Haven Coffee House Creperie Martha's Vineyard DiningLast month I was lucky enough to meet Natalie Grewal, a young, enthusiastic coffee drinker who was working on opening her dream on Martha’s Vineyard, Nat’s Nook, a coffee house and creperie in Vineyard Haven. Well, the doors finally opened this past Monday, June 9th.

It’s everything she could have hoped for it to be and more. I stopped by opening morning for a crepe and a coffee, and to see the finished product.

Nat's Nook Vineyard Haven Outdoor Cafe Seating

From the moment you walk the new stone path leading you to Nat’s Nook, you know you’re in for something good. The outdoor seating is divine and a definite great addition to Main Street.

The landscaping is simple and fresh, and after only being open for 10 minutes, it already a number of people who also were thrilled with Nat’s Nook.

Nat's Nook VIneyard Haven Coffee House Creperie Martha's Vineyard

Walk inside and you’re greeted by the smell of crepes and coffee — just as I had hoped. The space is light and airy, and truly is welcoming.

The seating along the wall is comfy, and the tables are the perfect size for a cup of Roa’s or Chilmark coffee with friends, or for a little work on the laptop.

It all just works. It’s a sweet and simple space. I should mention that you can find Rao’s Sicilian Roast here which has a little kick to it, which is what I usually need.

Rao's Coffee at Nat's Nook Vineyard Haven Coffee Shop

A Creperie on Main Street

Natalie Grewal Owner Of Nat's Nook Vineyard HavenNatalie was behind the counter making crepes. I can imagine she was a bit tired. The amount of work that went into creating Nat’s Nook must be staggering, but she was all smiles.

Of course I had to have a crepe. I’ve been wanting one since I first wrote about Nat’s Nook. I had one of the breakfast crepes, since it was 7:15 a.m.

It came with mushrooms, spinach, and swiss cheese, which I swapped out for goat cheese.

Breakfast Crepes At Nat's Nook Martha's VMy crepe was the second made in Nat’s Nook, and I was excited for it. It was big and definitely filling. I really enjoyed it. And for about $6, I feel like I got a deal.

There was something nice about getting a crepe for breakfast, made-to-order, in a bright cheery space.

The crepe menu is pretty amazing. There are 19 flavors to chose from. Craving something savory? Then how about avocado, tomato, and goat cheese with arugula, mint, sunflower seeds and wild raspberry dressing.

Maybe something sweet? You may want to try the S’mores which has rich chocolate chips, melted marshmallows and crumbled graham crackers. Sounds so simple, yet so good.

If crepes are not your thing, not to worry, there are other options, including soup. On this day it was fresh, housemade gazpacho, and there are baked goods that look pretty yummy.

Tea Please

iced tea bar At Nat's Nook Vineyard Haven

Perhaps you’re more of a tea fan. There’s an ice tea bar at Nat’s Nook. There where four house made teas, including Crimson Berry, and Green Tea with Mint, which I happen to love.

This is a great option on those days you don’t want to be fully caffeinated or are looking to be a little more healthy.

Martha's Vineyard honey

You can also get other beverages of course. The “Nook” is well stocked. You can even get some locally made sundries there, like honey and jam. Not to mention that there are chocolate bars available too!

Built-In Seating Nat's Nook Coffee House Tea Bar Creperie Martha's VineyardNat’s Nook is a great addition to the Martha’s Vineyard coffee scene. It has a different feel from anything else here. Also, the outside space is so great. I can’t wait to try a savory crepe and write a blog or two there.

Table Seating At Nat's Nook Vineyard Haven

The “Nook” is open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. I am hoping for some later hours, but we’ll have to see. Also, it will be open year round, which is really great. We need options that are fun like this.

For more about Nat’s Nook before it opened, check out Nat’s Nook – Vineyard Haven’s Newest Creperie & Coffee House.

Nat's Nook

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  1. Loved viewing Nat’s Nook, and can hardly wait. We have a crepe maker and love to make crepes. I even learning to pronounce the word ‘crepe’ correctly. See you soon.

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