The Obama’s Dining Out Guide To Martha’s Vineyard Summer 2016

It seems as though the President and First Lady were hitting the town(s) quite a bit for their Vineyard vacation this year. I have to say that I was quite happy with their selections. They happened to visit a couple of my favorite spots. Here’s their list – perhaps there’s one or two that you may want to try as well before the Summer is over (don’t worry we still have almost a month left.

Barack And Michelle Obama Show Up For Dinner At Detente Restaurant Martha's Vineyard

The Obamas favored Edgartown and Oak Bluffs, with a visit to Vineyard Haven as well. For this blog, I am going to categorize the restaurant by town, starting with Edgartown, then Oak Bluffs, and ending with Vineyard Haven.



Love that they chose Detente this year. This intimate little restaurant owned by Suzanna and Kevin Crowell, tucked away in Nevin Square on Winter Street, is the home of some truly amazing food. Kevin is a chef who knows how to be creative with food pairings and has been using local ingredients long before it was the thing to do.

The Obama's Dining Out Guide To Martha's Vineyard: Detente Restaurant Edgartown

Don’t forget that there are half priced apps at the bar from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Also, we at Point B Realty are really big fans, and it also helps that Detente is right next door to our current office. And we happened to be working late that night when the Obamas showed up for dinner (Obamas arrive at Detente — picture at the top).

To learn more about Detente, read Dining At Détente – Celebrating Their 12th Season Bringing Inventive Cuisine To Edgartown.



Who doesn’t love l’etoile? This iconic Island restaurant has been serving up incredible fine dining experiences for decades. Chef Michael Brisson and his team create some of the most beautiful food you’ll find on Martha’s Vineyard.

l'etoile Restaurant Edgartown President Obama Dining Guide To Martha's Vineyard

One of my favorite summer treats is to go and have a signature Startini on the porch and then sit at the bar and enjoy a bite. The bar scene is one of my favorites in Edgartown. Something about those seats sparks up great conversation. Thank you Obamas, you reminded my that I am overdue for my night out at l’etoile.


Chesca’s, another great, classic Edgartown spot, has one of the biggest porches to sit and relax with a cocktail. Since it’s right in town, it’s great to sit here and watch Island life pass you by (the people watching is the best here).

Chesca's Restaurant Martha's Vineyard Obama Dining Out Guide Edgartown Restaurants

Usually I grab a cocktail at Chesca’s. Some of my favorite bartenders happen to work behind the bar. However, with the Obama’s visit, I decided to check out the menu, and it is full of tempting dishes. From braised short ribs, to a seafood paella with saffron rice to their own Bento Boxes, this is now on my list of places to dine this season.

The Boathouse in Edgartown Obama Dining Out Guide Martha's Vineyard

Also, Michelle Obama had a private lunch with twenty four of her girlfriends at the exclusive Boat House which sits above the Atlantic in Edgartown. The word on the street was that she went there instead of her usual, the Atlantic, because of the large size of her party. They couldn’t secure the space below. Wish I was invited to that luncheon!

Vineyard Golf Club - Exclusive private golf retreat on Martha"s Vineyard Obama Dining Out Guide

As an avid golfer, it is no surprise that President Obama made an appearance at the Vineyard Golf Club as well for a bite. After a round of golf, a bite and a beverage are the perfect way to end the experience. The club is private, but is known for its great food.


Down Island

For their first night out, the Obamas visited Oak Bluff’s newest restaurant, Down Island, the sister restaurant to 20 By Nine and located right across the street, also on Kennebec Avenue. Down Island has a unique menu. Each night features what I would call the chef’s tasting menu.

Down Island Restaurant Oak Bluffs President Obama Dining Out Guide Martha's Vineyard

The menu is prefixed for cost and for food. The menu features chef Scott Cumming’s creative pairings. I went for a preview night before they opened. I was a little hesitant about not having menu choices.

Down Island kitchen President Obama Oak Bluffs Dining Out Pick

However, it was so refreshing to just sit down and let food come to you, a number of courses, perfectly prepared, all without the internal struggle I usually have when deciding on what to eat.

The food was amazing and I hope the Obamas loved it too. I really like that they went somewhere that just opened. For certain, the Obama’s seal of approval will help grow Down Island in the restaurant scene. For the full story, you can check out Dining Out At Down Island – A New Fine Dining Restaurant Opens Its Doors In Oak Bluffs On Martha’s Vineyard.

Red Cat Kitchen 

Speaking of fine dining in Oak Bluffs, the Obamas also visited Red Cat, also on Kennebec Avenue in Oak Bluffs. Chef Ben DeForest is well known for his amazing food, use of fresh, local ingredients, and creative food combinations.

Red Cat Kitchen Restaurant Oak Bluffs Obama Dining Out Guide Martha's Vineyard

Red Cat is one of those restaurants that you end up going back to again and again. The fried chicken is the bomb, however I think the best way to try Red Cat is to do the chef’s tasting. Let Ben make you whatever is on his mind. It will not disappoint.

The menu for Red Cat Kitchen Martha's Vineyard Restaurants

Don’t forget to save room for one of Tiny Baker’s amazing desserts too!

Nancy’s Snack Bar

I have to imagine that the Obamas visited Nancy’s Snack Bar at least once or twice since their daughter, Sasha, worked there for a couple of weeks.

Nancy's Restaurant Oak Bluffs Harbor - A Barack Obama Take Out Favorite On Martha's Vineyard

The snack bar is the perfect place to grab a quick bite and enjoy the Oak Bluffs harbor scene. I love to bring the kiddos here. The menu is kid friendly and there’s not a long wait for food. There’s even sushi available which is great to grab and go if you’re not overly hungry, and there are adult beverages as well to enjoy on the deck with your lunch or dinner.

Sadly, I did not get to see Sasha in action at Nancy’s, but I love that she had a summer job!

Farm Neck

And last but not least, what seems to be one of Barack Obama’s favorite Island spots – Farm Neck Golf Club. He visited this fav of his a couple of times while on vacation. Since a round of golf is serious work, it only makes sense to enjoy a meal at the Farm Neck Cafe.

Farm Neck Cafe Dining On Martha's Vineyard President Obama

Farm Neck and the cafe are open to the public. Though I am yet to go to this year, I have been hearing wonderful things about the food. Hmmm…another blog idea, thank you President Obama.

Jimmy Seas

The Obama family also dined at Jimmy Seas, also on Kennebec Avenue – boy is that street popular this year. Here, they enjoyed Jimmy Seas, well known pan pasta dishes. I myself am a fan of the butternut squash ravioli.



Another Oak Bluffs fav, Lola’s had the Obama family dine. Lola’s is well known for its southern food, and is a summer hot spot, especially its Buck a Shuck daily from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.



Beach Road

The Obamas have been going to State Road for a while, but also chose to visit its sister restaurant, Beach Road. Located in the Tisbury Market Place and now in its second year, Beach Road has become a dining destination on the Island.

Beach Road Restaurant Vineyard Haven Obama Dining Out Guide Martha's Vineyard

Known for its relaxing vibe, stunning lagoon views and memorable menu — try the schnitzel — you won’t believe how good it is. I am dying to have Beach Road’s linguini with local littlenecks, perhaps this is the week now that nights are starting to get a little chilly (so glad).



State Road

And yes, the Obamas did visit State Road, their favorite up-Island restaurant (and sister eatery of Beach Road). This restaurant is well known for it fresh, creative dishes and chic, relaxed vibe, and apparently presidential charm.

Can’t wait to see where they go next year when they visit Martha’s Vineyard. No official word as of yet, but I am guessing that they’ll be back in the near future. Once you fall in love with this special place, it’s hard not to come back, often.

State Road

I think it’s wonderful that the President and his family have decided to make Martha’s Vineyard apart of their legacy. It has now become part of our Island’s history. I also love that the Obama family does leave their vacation home and venture out to popular restaurants. It makes them seem a little more accessible and a little more real.

Many of the restaurants the Obama family visited have Facebook pages where you can get the most current happenings.  And don’t forget to “Like” Point B Realty on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter, Linked In, Google+, Pinterest and Youtube.

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