Tis the Season To Knit – Vineyard Knitworks On Martha’s Vineyard

It’s always fun to discover new things to do during quieter times on Martha’s Vineyard. Recently, I walked into Vineyard Knitworks for the first time.

Vineyard Knitworks Vineyard Haven Knitting On Martha's Vineyard

Located on State Road in Vineyard Haven, this shop is like a little haven. When you walk in, you’re treated to soft music, beautiful yarn as far as the eye can see, and smiling faces. I was there for the Beginners Knitting Class, part one.

Vineyard Knitworks Beginners Knitting Class Martha's Vineyard Off Season

Does this surprise you? Me knit? Sadly I do not. I knitted a scarf about a decade ago and it was not the best experience, so I realized it’s not for me.

However, it is a favored past time for so many, and I bet a lot of other people would enjoy learning the craft.

Vineyard Knitworks Martha's Vineyard Knitting

I can’t always write stories about me! My friend Shelly O’Neil had invited me to the class through Facebook. I thought it would be a great thing to check out and share.

Why Knit

So, I was already enamored by the space. All of the yarn and beautiful handmade things peppered throughout Vineyard Knitworks was so lovely to look at. When I went into the room where the class was being held, I was even more in love.

Martha's Vineyard Knitting Class Vineyard Knitworks Vineyard Haven

People attending the beginner’s class were gathered around a kitchen table, in a cozy kitchen/work space. I was greeted by Mary, an avid knitter who works there, and invited to sit and offered a cup of tea. The whole space and experience made you feel like you were in a friend’s kitchen.

Vineyard Knitworks

Once the two hour class began (2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at a cost of $20), people chose their yarn, and needle style to use. The goal of the class, with the second one following later in the week, was to create a square dishcloth. This did not look like a beginner project to me, seemingly harder than a scarf, right?

Vineyard KnitworksHowever, students jumped right in, trying to create a perfect slipknot. Everyone was laughing together, helping each other out. It was quite the scene. I was sad that I did not sign up for the class. I definitely got caught up in the energy and the fun. An added bonus was that there were a number of people I knew in the class. Perhaps the next one will work with my schedule, and I can join in the fun.

Vineyard Knitworks Beginner Knitting Class Martha's Vineyard Off Season Fun

I am now second guessing my lack of knitting skills. Knitting can yield some seriously fabulous creations!

Vineyard Knitworks

There’s even an open knitting group on Tuesday evenings from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. during the Winter months. How fun to grab your project, share and knit with others in that cozy space. I imagine you’ll make new friends and see old ones as well, all while creating wearable or usable art!

Vineyard Knitworks Valentine's Day Knitting Projects

If you already knit, keep an eye out for the fun projects Vineyard Knitworks offers. For Valentine’s Day, you can make a knitted heart pillow for someone special with fellow knitting enthusiast on Saturday, February 4th, at 1:00 p.m.

Vineyard Knitworks

Vineyard Knitworks, located on State Road (next to Educomp), in Vineyard Haven, has everything the experienced and novice knitter would need.

To find out more about the events I mentioned and other events Vineyard Knitworks offers, visit their Facebook page or website.

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2 thoughts on “Tis the Season To Knit – Vineyard Knitworks On Martha’s Vineyard”

  1. Nice article. The person conducting the class is my daughter. She is having a great time working there. She is left-handed so I couldn’t really help her much when she wanted to learn to knit. She figured it out for herself just I had years before.

    As I tell people who comment on my knitting I say all you have to know is how to knit and purl, add and subtract.

    1. Thank you so much for reading the story! Your daughter is so lovely. I hope to someday knit myself.


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