Trio At Black Sheep In Edgartown – Unique Food Experience For The Soul On Martha’s Vineyard

Black Sheep & Trio Fabulous Restaurant Duo In Edgartown Martha's Vineyard DiningFor the last couple of years, people have been telling me that I had to experience Trio at Black Sheep on North Summer Street in Edgartown.  Finally, I made it a point to schedule a girl’s night with my friend Dailyn, and see what all the buzz was about.

From Gourmet Shop to Chic Cafe

Black Sheep & Trio - North Summer Street Edgartown RestaurantThe Black Sheep becomes Trio after 6 p.m.  What does this mean?  Well, it is transformed from a fabulous little gourmet shop into a chic little cafe that serves wine flights, cheese trays, charcuterie ( shahr-KOO-tuhr-ee), and a selection of desserts.

You can go before dinner for an app, after dinner for dessert, or order a couple of things and make it dinner.

Jazz At Trio - A New Musical Special In EdgartownThe space is warm and feels slightly urban. Owner Mark Venette and his team have really set up a great space.

We went on a Wednesday night and they happened to have this great jazz duo, Matthew Edwards and Carl Eisman, which really added to the ambiance.

Something Different on Martha’s Vineyard

Dailyn and I sat at a cute little table for two and decided we were going to order a cheese tray and a charcuterie tray, and with each one, we’d have our own flight of wine.

Trio Restaurant Cheese Plate "Backpacking Through Europe"First we had our cheeses.  We ordered “Backpacking Through Europe” which had a great trio — vintage five-year Gouda from Holland, traditional AOC Jura Comte from France (new to me), and Parmesan Reggiano with truffled honey from Italy.

What’s great is that all the guess work of choosing the best wine to pair with your cheeses has been done for you.  There is a perfect flight for your cheese selection.  And to make it even easier, and more enjoyable for your palette, the first wine goes with the first cheese, etc.  Of course we had white with the cheeses.

Wine Flight Paired With Cheese At Trio Restaurant Martha's VineyardSo, we started with the Gouda as suggested, which was paired with a wonderful L’Enclos (never heard of it either) from France.  It was amazing.  The wine and cheese were just heavenly together.  If the cheese is a bit much for you, they also serve you flatbread crackers and bread.  So, you have options.

For the other two cheeses, we did the same thing, remarking how amazing the cheese and the wine were together.  It was so much more than a simple cheese tray and a glass of wine.

It was like backpacking through cheese in Europe with a stop in California for the Spann Vineyard Chardonnay/Viognier we had (which tastes like Summer in a glass) to go with the Comte from France.  Three unique cheeses, three unique wines, varieties I have never tasted — let alone heard of.  I loved it all.

An Amazing Selection of Cured Meats On The Charcuterie MenuNext it was on to the charcuterie.  We choose “You Say Salami, I Say Salame.”  Though all five choices on the charcuterie menu sounded delicious, we chose the Salami/Salame. It had Napoli Salami-applewood smoked, Molisana salami- pepper and garlic, and Toscano Salami – mild with Sangiovese wine.  With this salami plate came a trio of red wines.

The Flight of Red Wines For The Charcuterie At Trio Restaurant Martha's Vineyard Let me just tell you, it was fantastic.  I love cured meats and each one was so different.  The Milisana was a perfect balance of garlic, not too strong, not too weak. Paired with the Ettore Germano Langhe Nebbiolo from Italy, I felt like we could have stepped out into the ancient streets of Italy — yet it’s handmade in Virginia.

We could not get enough of savoring the salami then the wine.  Then the wine again and then the salami.  Such harmony in your mouth and pleasure for your soul.

Not that you have to eat the food with the suggested wine, but it is recommended for the first bite of each,Deviled Eggs With Duck Bacon At Trio Restaurant Edgartown and then it’s encouraged to find your own journey through your selections.  I should also mention that there are a couple of “companions” you can order.

We got the “Deviled Duck Eggs.”  The bacon was duck bacon!  I’ve never had duck bacon before and I can tell you it, it was delish.  These deviled eggs were the best I have ever had.  I could have eaten at least a dozen of them — amazing!

Trio Restaurant In Edgartown Has A Relaxing, Chic VibeIf you’re in a rush, Trio isn’t for you.  Dailyn and I were there for a couple of hours, chatting, eating, taking in the whole thing.  If you want to really explore your food and drink, then this is for you.

Make sure you go with a good friend or group of people.  Trio’s food and wine offers you the perfect platform for really good conversation and a really different experience.

I highly recommend making reservations since space is limited.  Also, if you ever see it’s a night Trio offers live music (which is new this year), be sure to try and go that night.  It really was a wonderful experience, unlike any other in Edgartown or on Martha’s Vineyard.

I am looking forward to going back for a whole new selection of cheeses and charcuterie.  Now I get what all the buzz is about, and I wish I went sooner.  If you haven’t experienced Trio yet, this is the Summer to do so.  It’s open five nights a week (closed Mondays and Tuesdays).

A Must to Experience Day or Night 

Cracklebread Pizzas At Black Sheep Restaurant Gourmet Shop Martha's VineyardDon’t forget to also stop by Black Sheep during the day (which is open seven days a week).  They have added amazing breakfast food and you can even grab lunch to go there as well, including cracklebread pizzas – yum.  Heading out to a dinner party, stop here for some treats to bring, your host will be glad you did!

Thanks for reading On Point.  You can learn more about Black Sheep and Trio on Facebook.  They have great things for kids to do too!  Speaking of social media, don’t forget to  “Like” us on Facebook, and follow us on TwitterLinked InPinterest and YouTube.

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