What’s New In Oak Bluffs This Summer, From Tiki To Take Out To Pearls & More

Each Summer, I love seeing what new places open in each of the towns.  Of course living in Oak Bluffs, I am always hopeful of some great new spots, and this year there are a couple.

If you’ve walked down Circuit Avenue this Summer, you’ve probably noticed a few new shops and restaurants.  Let’s start at the top of Circuit Avenue by Vineyard Vines.

Island Images

Island Images Photograpy and Art Oak Bluffs Martha's VineyardNext to Vineyard Vines, where Jabas used to be, you’ll find Island Images.  This is a new gallery owned by husband and wife team Stacy and Julian Wise.  It features a number of great artists including Don AlmquistVineyard Colors, Kenneth Vincent, and more.

Inside Island Images Oak Bluffs Artwork Martha's Vineyard PhotosThe space is bright and open, and the walls are chockfull of colorful Vineyard themed art.  What’s great about this gallery is that there is something available for every budget even if it’s only $10.

The gallery is open from 11 – 6 p.m. every day, and when you stop in, there will most likely be the most adorable Chihuahua there.  Her name is Beatrice, and she loves attention.

Edgartown National Bank

The New Home of Edgartown National Bank Oak BluffsThe building that is soon to house Edgartown National Bank’s new Oak Bluffs branch, and some additional retailers, will not be finished for the Summer.  However, the outside is close to done, and it looks fantastic.  It’s new and fresh and will be a great addition to that end of Circuit Avenue.  Look for its completion this Fall.

Pear Tree Provisions

Pear Tree Pastries & Provisions Oak Bluffs Food To Go Martha's VineyardNext to the soon-to-be Edgartown National Bank building and Simply Soaps, you’ll find Pear Tree Pastries & Provisions.  Owned by Peter and Jennifer Smyth of A Slice of Life, this is one of my favorite new additions to Oak Bluffs.  I have already visited numerous times.  I am slightly addicted to the coconut cupcakes.

At this cute little place, you can get your provisions for the day.  There are things for breakfast such as chocolate and hazelnut croissants, iced coffee & hot coffee (they feature Speedwell which is roasted in Plymouth, MA), smoothies, and frozen lemonade.

For later in the day, Pear Tree has prepared sandwiches, salads (even a Caesar and the Slice Salad too), chilled lo mein noddles, beverages and more.  It’s a great place to stop to grab a bite to bring to the beach or to Ocean Park.  Pear Tree Pastries & Provisions is open daily 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

b*tru’s New Location

This beloved clothing shop has changed locations.  b*tru is now in the space that used to house Kiddos (which I miss terribly still).  I really like the new location.

It’s bright and airy, and the clothes look really great in the space.  Of course, owner, Dulcie Rutherford has stocked the store with lots of great things.  It’s the perfect store to grab a scarf, a clutch, or an outfit.  I love the LA Made tees. Perfect for the Summer.

Sharky's Outdoor Dining With Tiki Bar Oak BluffsSharky’s Outdoor Dining Space

So, I have been trying to find Sharky’s new outdoor dining space for a while now, and I was clearly looking in the wrong place. It’s not behind Sharky’s or next to it like I had thought — but rather, it is next to the Locker Room.

Let me tell you, JB and his team have truly created a cool tiki bar themed space.  Though I have not yet, I think I’d like to have a fruity beverage there.

It feels like a tiki bar I visited in the Caribbean a few years back. I’m really digging this new space.  Nicely done. Love this addition to Oak Bluffs.

It’s open from 11:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., weather permitting.  Also, if you have a large party, Sharky’s in OB has a new large, VIP room.

In the Bluff Oak Bluffs New StoreIn the Bluff

In case you’ve been searching for the “I’m Bluffing It” t-shirt that’s new this Summer, you can find it at this new t-shirt shop next to Linda Jeans.  There you can find an assortment of Vineyard themed tees and more.

Akoya Pick-A-Pearl

Akoya Pick a Pearl Oak Bluffs Martha's VineyardNext to Ben and Bill’s, the seemingly random patch of grass that was there has been renovated so to say. It’s now a brick space for vendors, up to five can set-up shop there.

In the first space (which faces Circuit Ave) you’ll find Akoya Pick-A-Pearl.  What is this pearl thing you might be wondering?

Well, here’s the scoop. It’s sort of like it sounds.  The oysters are from Akoya Oyster farms in Japan. Each oyster has an irritant inserted into it when it’s young.

This eventually becomes a pearl in about 3 to 5 years.  In each oyster, you’re guaranteed to find a pearl.  To pick a pearl, it’s $15.95.

So, you pick an oyster from the tank, and it’s opened for you. Inside, you’ll find your very own pearl.  They vary in color and shades of colors, from pink to lavender, to white, to cream, to the more rare black. It’s a mystery until you open the oyster.

Then, you have the option to set it in a piece of jewelry – as part of a charm, ring, bracelet, etc.  The sailboat one was kind of cute.  To set it in jewelry, it will cost you anywhere from $20 – $65.  I am sure that a lot of people visiting will enjoy this.

Fat Ronnie’s MV Burgers

Inside Fat Ronnie's MV Burgers Oak Bluffs RestaurantsThis is another addition to OB that I love.  I love everything about it!  The decor, the burgers, the concept — everything.  It’s more than a burger bar.  I think you might fall in love with it too.  Here’s the full scoop on this great new place, Fat Ronnie’s MV Burgers, a Burger Bar in Oak Bluffs.

Noteworthy OB Additions

Earlier in the season, we found out that Kevin and Suzanna Crowell, the owners of Detente in Edgartown bought Sweet Life Cafe.  It’s literally a new lease on life for this wonderful restaurant.  Kevin and his team have made it a must to visit.  I especially love eating at the bar.  For more, check out Sweet New Lease On Life For Oak Bluffs Restaurant Sweet Life Cafe.

Also, the space that used to house Pomodoro, and then Deon’s, is being renovated by the owners of Beetlebung Coffee house, Renee and John Molinari.

Word on the street is that it is going to be a coffee shop by day, similar to what’s in Menemsha now, and at night, become more of a lounge space.  Small plates and fun cocktails, along with desserts will be offered.

Now, I am not 100% sure of all this, but it’s what I’ve heard.  I’ll keep you posted when I find out more. Sadly, this space will not be open this Summer.

Johnny Cupcakes seems to like Circuit Avenue.  The Johnny Cupcakes store is in the same spot as last season and is ready to serve up some comical, cupcake inspired t’s and more.

Also, Season’s restaurant is still closed up tight.  The building is for sale or for lease.  Summer visitors are shocked to see that it closed.  Hope that something really good goes into the building — soon.

Thanks for reading On Point.  I hope you enjoy these new additions to Oak Bluffs, and let me know what I might have missed.  A number of these places are on Facebook where you can find out more info. Also, don’t forget to “Like” Point B on Facebook, follow us on TwitterLinkedInPinterest and YouTube.

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