Truckin’ MV – A Family Friendly Truck-Tastic Event On Martha’s Vineyard

Last year, my friend Kim asked me to write a blog about Vineyard Montessori’s Truckin’ MV event. At the time, I didn’t really know much about it so, I declined.

Trunkin' MV Sponsored By Vineyard Montessori Martha's Vineyard

Then I went to Truckin’ MV and was blown away by how much fun it was. Of course, most of the fun was geared towards to kiddos but as an adult (big kid myself), I had such a great time.

Trucking MV started 5 years ago. Alyssa Dubin, Kim D’Arcy and the director of Vineyard Montessori, Debbie Jernegan, were looking to create a new, fun interactive event that would be good for the school and the Island. Debbie had heard of “touch a truck” events that were held in other places, but what they created, Truckin MV is unlike any other event.

State Police helicopter Trucking MV

There are other car events on the Island, so what makes Truckin’ MV so special? There are anywhere from 25 to 40 vehicles that participate each year. The most amazing thing to me was, the State Police helicopter.

What kid or adult doesn’t want to check out a helicopter up close? Sadly I missed going in it last year because my family and I were in line for going in the bucket of the Oak Bluffs Fire ladder truck (yes, you got to go in the bucket and go up in the air, amazing).

Truckin' MVJohn Keene brings his big trucks which are always a favorite. Albie Clement’s race car is always a great photo op, various emergency vehicles (fire, ambulance and police), landscape and construction vehicles, even Dr. Dave the mobile vet joins in the fun. This year, the Winnetu will bring its antique trolly to add to the mix.

Truckin' MV Martha's Vineyard Montessori Event

Last year, I remember how much fun it was to ride on a fork lift, and pretend to be a garbageman. I laughed the whole time! My kids didn’t want to leave. There was so much to see and do. Imaginations were hard at work and the joy was contagious.

Truckin MVNot only is it fun for the kiddos — you can see the excitement on their faces — but it’s also fun for the truck owners. They polish their vehicles, getting them in tip-top shape for the kids. There’s a sense of pride among owners and a sense of joy seeing how much kids get into their machines.

Truckin MV

Trust me, it’s a big topic over dinner days later.

Truckin MV

In addition to the incredible assortment of trucks and such, Josh Aronie will be there with The Food Truck,  serving up his signature dishes.

The Food Truck in disguise Chef Josh Aronie Truckin MV

There will be baked goods from the Chilmark General Store, hot chocolate and water from Island Water Source and coffee from Mocha Mott’s. It’s the perfect spot to grab lunch with the family and enjoy a great event.

truckin-mv-124Truckin’ MV is a unique interactive event that really captures the spirit of the Island. So many people donate their time and resources to make the event possible, and it’s such a big deal to the kids, many of whom look forward to it yearly. I know mine do.

The event is held at the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School in November. This year, it’s November 5th, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. It’s $10 per child or $25 per family.

Vineyard Montessori Friend Raiser Trucking' MV

This is a friend-rasier for Vineyard Montessori, an independent, non-profit school, Pre-K though 6th grade, fostering a lifetime love of learning, one child at a time.

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  1. Hello! Could you tell me when your 2017 or 2018 event is schedule for? Who is able to participate in this event?

    Thank you!

    Sarah Pryor

    1. Hi –
      I am not sure of the dates. Your best bet is to contact Debbie at Vineyard Montessori. Good luck!

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