The Day that Oak Bluffs Has Been Waiting For….Mocha Mott’s Re-Opens!

When you’re in Oak Bluffs, one of the best, and one of the few places to get coffee is Mocha Mott’s. Last winter, when it closed for renovations, many of us were devastated. Then when it never reopened because of pipes bursting in the space above it (basically destroying the newly renovated Mocha Mott’s), people were really at a loss for the last 10 months.

Mocha Mott's Oak Bluffs Coffee House Reopens On Martha's VineyardGetting coffee in this town is hard enough, but without Mocha Mott’s, there was a serious void. It’s a haven for many people to hangout, to get food, to get a beverage. It is a necessity for so many people.

Martha's vineyard Coffee Shop Mocha Mott's Reopens In Oak Bluffs

So, we waited and waited, patently watching progress made. Spring came and went, summer came and went, and hope was waning. But then, there was talk on the streets, and I heard only one more inspection was needed to open again.

Mocha Mott's Oak Bluffs Coffee Shop Reopens

Then it appeared, the date for the grand reopening, October 31st. As if Halloween isn’t awesome enough, I could now grab a maple latte first thing in the morning!

More Than a Coffee ShopOak Bluffs Restaurant Mocha Mott's

I met with co-owner Meredith Aldrich on the Sunday before the opening, she was in great spirits. For her, there was a void in her life, not having Mocha Mott’s in Oak Bluffs open. However, for her, this day was like Christmas eve. The anticipation of having the regulars back, filling that void, and all the fun that comes with owning this beloved spot.

Mocha Mott's Co-Owqner Meredith Aldrich

She even had her sister Beth and niece Mabel helping to get things ready. A family affair, a labor of love. Another wonderful thing was that she and owner Tim Dobel were able to keep their staff. A little extra juggling at the Vineyard Haven store enables us to see familiar faces.

While closed, Meredith was approached by so many people, many of whom expressed their love of Mocha Mott’s, and their hope to see it open again soon. She even had people say that it wasn’t opening again, and that made her laugh. Of course Mocha Mott’s would be open again. It’s just not that easy when dealing with insurance companies and construction timelines on the Vineyard.

Mocha Mott's Baker Erica McCarron Oak Bluffs Restaurant Coffee Shop

Mott’s baker, Erica McCarron, was so happy to be back in the kitchen making her treats. Though I bet it was nice having mornings off over the summer, this place is like home for her. I know that I love seeing on Facebook daily what tempting delight she has made.

Opening Day

As part of the celebration of being open and seeing regulars again, guests had the chance to get a free Mocha Mott’s t-shirt commemorating the struggle of being closed. The front said, I love Mocha Mott’s, symbolically, and on the back you found – I survived Summer 2016, which I thought was clever and funny.

Also, the wind man, Dave (named after a friend that has passed), that was there on opening day, was on the t-shirt. Hope you got yours, sure to become a collectible.

Mocha Mott's Reopening Commerative T-Shirt Oak Bluffs

When I went to Mocha Mott’s Monday morning shortly after it opened, the place was packed. There was the sound of laughter and smell of fresh coffee — just like there should be. Everyone was jovial and smiling. People had something that was important to them, finally back!

And another great thing was that it look liked the old Mott’s! Not a lot changed. However, you will notice a little speaker by the entrance way, this is for people who cannot use the stairs, making Mott’s more handicapped accessible. Press the button and your coffee wish will come true.

Oak Bluffs Coffee Shop Restaurant Mocha Mott's Reopens

Places like Mocha Mott’s that are open year round become so much more that just a business, they can become interwoven into our lives. Especially when we get deeper into the off-season months. It’s that light on the street, having a place where you’re sure to know someone any day of the week, and feel welcomed, is so important.

Mocha Mott's

Welcome back Mocha Mott’s, our Oak Bluffs community is better place with you in it! Mocha Mott’s is open daily from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Mocha Mott's

You can learn more about Mocha Mott’s on Facebook. And don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter, Linked In, Google+, Pinterest and Youtube.


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