Main Street In Vineyard Haven Gets Ready For A Facelift – updated

It seems as though there is even more to add to the growing list of changes in Vineyard Haven.  In addition to another place to grab a bite to eat, and the opening date of La Choza, it is also rumored that soon downtown will have new street poles, new benches (good for people watching), new trash cans and more.  It seems as though Vineyard Haven is really on the upswing, and all of these changes are going to be a great benefit to us all.  

Another Familiar Face Comes to Vineyard Haven

Next to Bryn Walker on Main Street there will soon to be a MV Chowder Co. Chowder Shack and Take Away coming this May, which lucky for us is right around the corner.  We’ll have more details soon.  It may be small in size but it will be big in taste!

Sweet E’s Gets a Sweet New Home

Bob’s Pizza is getting a new neighbor, Sweet E’s.  Thank goodness they are not leaving Vineyard Haven.  Sometimes a cupcake from Sweet E’s just makes your day that much better.  I love that each day we’re enticed by some new, delicious flavor.  If I am not in town, I like to check their Facebook page for the daily goodies.  Can’t wait to see what’s instore for us this season!  I hope that there will be a couple repeats, like the Almond Joy cupcake!

La Choza – Update

La Choza's new kitchen

La Choza is having its Grand-Opening, Wednesday, February 29th, from 12-2pm!  What a way to celebrate the leap year!!!

Let’s start with the beginning of Main Steet, right off of State Road. On the corner, accross from the Mansion House, a new burrito shop is opening, La Choza. The sign has been up on the bulding for at least a month, but I imagine a number of people have driven by it day-after-day without seeing it. The location is unexpected, the sign is understated, and there are no indications as to when it’s opening.  I can’t help but be excited and hopeful about this new addition to Vineyard Haven restaurants.

From what I’ve heard, it is going to be a take-out place, which makes sense, because the space is tiny, but perhaps they’ll have the opportunity to add a couple slim bar height tables by the window to accommodate eaters. There is a menu already attached to the window — the Soncillo Chorizo, spicy sausage burrito, sounds particularly delicious!  I am looking forward to some delicious take-out to bring to the beach accompanied by a couple chilled Coronas.

Midnight Farm Moving?

Current Home of Midnight Farm behind Stop & Shop

With Stop & Shop expanding its store, the iconic Midnight Farm is moving to a new location, which supposedly will be the old Bowl & Board building on Main Street. Currently, they are in the process of lease negotiations which I hope go well. I think Midnight Farm and its wares would really work well in that large, cool space.

Possible New Home of Midnight Farm

That particular building needs a retailer that is interesting and will have a following which Midnight Farm most certainly does.  Also with the unique furniture lines they carry in addition to the clothes, jewelry, accessories and more, the space can easily be filled.  The new location offers more visibility and would be a fantastic addition to Main Street especially since Bramhall and Dunn has closed.  In a perfect world, I personally would love if they were able to have a little cafe in the outside space in front of the store, a wonderful location for sunning yourself while sipping tea and of course people watching. I think this a great opportunity for Midnight Farm and wish them luck.

New Vineyard Haven Eatery

Marthas Vineyard Restaurant Bar MV Winery Vineyard Haven
Soon to be a cozy space to grab a bite to eat

The space that used to house the coffee shop, Che’s Lounge, is rumored to be in the process of becoming a new restaurant.  A welcomed addition since this space has been empty  for a while, and is in need of the perfect fit.  Sadly I do not know much about this endeavor, but just the thought of it is exciting. I love the idea of walking down that little corridor off of Main Street to a fabulous little place to grab a bite to eat.  Imagine little cafe tables outside, flowers and plants enclosing the space, and having the interior transformed into a space that beckons you to stay.   Josh Aronie, from Menemsha Cafe, which closed this past December, is the brainchild of this venture. I know that I am looking forward to finding out more details, and when I do, I will update this blog as soon as possible.

La Cave du Grenier

Renovations in progress for La Cave du Grenier

If you head to the end of Main Street, you’ll see that the space below the revered Le Grenier is undergoing significant renovations. At the end of March or April, depending on who you ask, we will soon be able to enjoy La Cave du Grenier. Love the name! Chef Dupon has partnered with Terrain Associates for the design of the project. Think of French sidewalk cafes, terraces, wicker chairs, and there you have what we will be able to enjoy soon. This French cafe is going to be home to some of the most amazing pastries and foods with an enchanting backdrop. So glad to have this opening in the Spring! I know that I am looking forward to being a frequent visitor. I enjoy Chef Dupon’s food tremendously, and can only imagine what he is going to delight us with in La Cave du Grenier.

Change is not just for Main Street

The Spa at the Mansion House

In addition to all the things happening on Main Street, there are couple changes happening close by. The Spa at the Mansion House is being sold to a new owner. It will be exciting to see how the spa changes once this is

Previous home of Beetlebung Coffee House

complete.  Also, Beetlebung Coffeehouse has closed its Vineyard Haven location and is moving into the space that housed The Menemsha Cafe in Menemsha. I am a little sad about this because I loved their Atlantis tuna melt, and now I guess I’ll have to find a new favorite sandwich. Perhaps the Farmhouse (no onions) from Waterside?  Beetlebung will be opening its new location in May 2012.  Visit their blog for all the latest happenings.

Though its winter on Martha’s Vineyard, there is a lot happening.  Each town is host to a number of changes that will be fun to watch unfold.  I have to mention that for this post that much of what I am writing about is from what I’ve heard from people on the street.  So, please let me know if I am misinformed about anything.  I look forward to your thoughts about the changes of Vineyard Haven, and let me know if there is more to add.

14 thoughts on “Main Street In Vineyard Haven Gets Ready For A Facelift – updated”

    1. Miriam-
      Thank you so much for reading On Point! I am glad you’re enjoying it, and hope to continue to keep you informed and having a little fun too. Let me know if you’d like me to blog about anything specific from MV! Also, I love New Orleans. Don’t tell anyone but I am in love with the oysters from Lake Pontchartrain!

  1. Great blog post Guin – love to read about all the new retail/food happenings on Main Street.

    MVC vote tonight on MV Film Center Theatre project. Looking forward to updating you next week.

    1. Glad you like it Richard! Can’t wait to get the MVFS on it! Good luck tonight & I can’t wait to hear all about it next week!

  2. Wow! I have completely lost touch since moving to California! When I closed It’s in the Bag a few years ago, I never expected so many others to fold in the following months and years. Bramhall & Dunn is a shock as was Bowl & Board. I’m hoping these new ventures will flourish in my hometown. I miss it so much! Keep posting & we’ll keep reading. I love hearing about the gossip ’round town!

    1. Hi Amy,
      Hope you’re enjoying CA! We miss In the Bag! Main Street has definitely changed quite a bit. I think 2012 is going to be a good year for VHN – especially if the new restaurant in the old Cafe Moxie space opens too!!

  3. Hi!
    I just discovered your Blog and LOVE reading about V.H. as my husband and I have lived there and worked there. The deal with the Che’s Lounge (Push Cart Alley) fell through and I am wondering what people would really like to see in that space.

    1. Thank you so much Cheryl! So funny -this week is all about VHN. I have new updates and did a walk through of Chef Dupon’s latest venture, both blogs coming this week. I am sad that space is still open, but Josh is on to new things in town. The space that was Che’s is so interesting. I too wonder what people think the town needs and what would work in that space. Hmmm – I can’t think of anything specific. What are your thoughts?


      1. Hi Again,
        I looked at the space about this time last year and my family and I discussed it at length. Then life got busy and time passed. My husband and I lived in V.H. all last year. We live on the Cape, but my husband works in Edgartown and commutes daily over to the island. We hope to be able to move to the Vineyard at some point, but don’t want to sell our family home at this exact time…Anyway, I am headed over to V.H. to look at the space tomorrow. If you have any information as to why Josh did not lease the property I would so appreciate it. I have concerns, but like you, we agree that it is a very interesting space with huge potential. Thanks for any advise.

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