All That Shimmers May Not Be Gold But Exquisite Hand Painted Leather

Though we may not have as many restaurants open, and there are no Target stores to get lost in for hours, we definitely have ways to have a little fun and enjoy a little retail therapy.  No ferry reservations required!

Enjoying shopping in the comfort of your friend's home

Martha’s Vineyard has a vibrant year round community, and we are pretty creative with ways to have fun, no matter what the season.  Harking back to the days of Tupperware parties, people are hosting “trunk show parties.”  The concept is the same but the merchandise is a lot more exciting.  The host invites a number of friends over to indulge in some shopping, sip some wine, and enjoy some nibbles in their home.  It’s a fun night out with the girls, gives you a reason to get a little dressed up, and perhaps you’ll find something fabulous to buy.  Of course at one of these events, it’s inevitable that you’ll know people, but I bet there will also be new friends to be made.

Studded wrapped bracelets and thick wrapped bracelets
Studded wrapped bracelets and thick wrapped bracelets

Last night, I went to a Leather Party, which is a trunk show for rebeccah j handmade leather goods, that my friend, Lea, hosted.  I knew a little bit about Rebeccah’s work from an article I had read in the MV Times a couple of weeks ago, and several friends have a number of her pieces, which I have admired.  With a good amount of cash on hand, I ventured out, stopping first for a glass of wine at Atria with friends who were also going.  If you’re having a night out, you might as well have as much fun as you can.  Not quite knowing what to expect, when I walked through the door, I was really impressed with the group of women who were there.  People I haven’t seen in months or years, friends I see each week, and a couple of new faces.  It was really relaxed and fun.  Once all the hellos and hugs were done, I took a moment to take in the collection of leather goods that Rebeccah had there for us.

Rebeccah and her collection of handmade leather goods

Being a shopper and in the mood to buy, I was so excited to see such a variety of bracelets, earrings, bags, and wallets, but before I started shopping, I had to meet and get to know the creator of these beautiful pieces.   Rebeccah is petite, blond, beautiful, absolutely charming, and really enjoys her pieces — all of which she makes in her studio in Oak Bluffs, which she affectionately calls her “sweat shop.” She spends a lot of time there!  What started as a hobby making gifts for friends, has developed into a business with quite a following.  A newer addition to her collection are the metallic colors, hand painted leather with a metallic overlay with names like Mica, Shimmer Plum, and Disco Bisque.  Normally I would be intimidated by anything metallic but her pieces have a such a soft shimmer that you can’t help but love them.  Also, especially during the winter months, a girl can use a little shimmer!

Studded Wrap Bracelet in Slate
The Studded Wrap Bracelet in Slate

I was particularly drawn to the Thin Sliced Wrap bracelets and the Studded Wrap bracelets (a little risque for me).  The colors of each style where so fantastic, I had trouble deciding, but I knew I had to have one of each style.  Rebeccah had a wonderful assistant, Molly, who helped me decide, and it took us a while.  I finally decided on a Mica Thin Sliced Wrap and a Fawn Studded Wrap.  Of course I am wearing the Mica one as I type.  I’d like to call it an inspirational purchase.  I also have to mention that I love the bit of shimmer it has.  The leather is softer than butter!  I can’t wait to wear my Studded Wrap Bracelet tomorrow!

Alyssa trying to decide on which bracelet

From the earrings to the bags, to the bracelets to the wallets, each piece was unique, since the pieces are handmade, which I think many women find appealing.  If you’re like me, and you like the style of a wrap bracelet but you’re worried about the fit, no need — Rebeccah has three sizes for the bracelets, so you’re sure to find the right one for you.  If you want to get your hands on one of Rebeccah’s pieces, besides attending a Leather Party (which you can host for you and your friends just email her),  you can find her pieces in Bluefish, in Edgartown, and b*tru, in Oak Bluffs.  You can also visit her website, rebeccah j to order pieces.  Also, Rebeccah will work with you to make a custom piece.  Hmmm perhaps it’s time to get my daughter, Charly, a new bracelet!   I should mention that she does pieces for men too!

So many good choices

Meeting Rebeccah and seeing her work and her passion for what she does, you can’t help think you’re meeting someone who is on the verge of greatness.  She mentioned that she was going to do a large show in California with her friend Gillian, and I could not be more excited for her. Without a doubt, she is going to sell out of everything she brings, and I would not be surprised if a number of boutique owners ask to carry her line.  Her pieces have that “it” factor.  Move over Chan Luu – her comes Rebeccah J!

Thin Sliced Wrap bracelet
The Thin Sliced Wrap bracelet looks amazing on Caitlin

There were probably about thirty women at this gathering, and I think everyone left with at least one item and many with several.  When we weren’t admiring each others purchases, we were cozy in the kitchen swapping stories about our husbands and kids, eating and drinking (water for me). As you can imagine, there were many laughs to be had. I have to mention the most wonderful little dessert the hostess, Lea, made.  They were Nilla Wafers with creamcheese frosting and raspberries – so delicious I ate at least four!  Who knew that you could have so much fun on a Thursday night in February!


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