Warm Cocktails & Great Snacks: Sophisticated Fall Happy Hour At Behind the Bookstore On Martha’s Vineyard

I love that Fall brings new opportunities for food and drinks. The days of cool salads and icy drinks are waning. I welcome the thought of comfort food and warm, drinks that you hold with two hands, to savor the heat.

Behind The Bookstore Cocktails & Snacks EdgartownThese are just a couple of reasons why I think that Behind the Bookstore’s weekend evenings of cocktails and snacks is simply brilliant.

Friday & Saturday, from 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., you can get some creative Fall inspired cocktails and bites. There are also, no alcoholic drinks, think housemade warm apple cider, which is so good.

Behind the Bar Cocktail Menu Martha's VineyardThere is something special about sitting under the lighted sails, with a chill in the air, savoring their Hot Toddy. A blend of Applejack Bourbon, Amaro Nonino (a grappa blended with herbs and spices), lemon and Bendedictine (an herbal liqueur). Seriously, this is a Hot Toddy unlike any that I’ve had before, made with ingredients that are new to me.

Hot Toddy Craft Cocktail At Behind The Bookstore Restaurant EdgartownThat’s one of the things I love about Behind the Bookstore. Traditional items always have a twist.

Brooklyn Ferry Craft Cocktail Behind The Bookstore Bar Menu Martha's VineyardMy hubby, Matt, decided on the Brooklyn Ferry, Antica Carpano ( a sweet vermouth), rye/bourbon, Maraschino, and St. George Absinthe. We have not had Absinthe since we were in New Orleans many years ago. He got this drink as a nod to the fun we had there. Though, I thought it was illegal in most states. Oh well, it was delicious.

Fall Bites

The menu for this “happy hour” consists of snacks and small bites. For me, a fun night out consists of having apps at one place, dinner at another, and an after dinner drink at another. This way, I have the chance to sample a number of specialty plates and things throughout the night.

Mushroom Toast At Behind The Bookstore Fall Menu Martha's Vineyard

With that, starting at BTB is perfect. I had the Mushroom Toast from the Small Plates. It was so good, I almost forgot to share a bite with my date. The bread, the combination of the seasoning and the fresh mushrooms was sheer perfection – so warm and comforting.

When I dine here, I always think that I can become an herbivore — the veggie dishes always blow me away. If I could just take chef Molly Levine home with me, every meal would be a gift.


Matt went in a different direction. He was intrigued by the Blistered Shishito Peppers with Maldon & Bottarga (a delicacy of salted cured fish roe) from the Snacks. Seriously, have you ever seen an item like this on a menu here? I love the unique options.

Though not my cup of tea, they were good. I had just one, but Matt cleared the plate, and was also delighted by having something new to him.

Dining Alfresco At Behind The Bookstore Edgartown Restaurants

If you’re looking for more familiar things, there are: cured meat and cheese plate, fried oysters, smoked almonds, and more. There are a number of cocktails on the menu to choose from as well.

Craft Cocktail Menu Behind The Bookstore Martha's Vineyard

Grab your favorite cozy sweater and prepare to get comfy and enjoy the last few nights at Behind the Bookstore. Sadly, this weekend, October, 14th – 16th is the last chance for this amazing “happy hour.” Which may I say is a great thing to enjoy in addition to all the offering of the Martha’s Vineyard Food & Wine Festival.

If you’re a big BTB coffee fan, don’t worry. It’s still open during the day through November (closing TBD).

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