WE LOVE MV: Delicious MV Bakery & More Comes to Vineyard Haven

Delicious MV is a dream come true for owner Elio Silva (Vineyard Grocer). For the past five years, he has been growing his baking business and with Delicious MV, he is able to share the confectionary creations of his seven bakers. It makes a delicious addition to our We Love MV seriesWE LOVE MV: Delicious MV Bakery & More Comes To Vineyard Haven.

WE LOVE MV: Delicious MV Bakery & More Comes to Vineyard Haven
Delicious MV on Main Street in Vineyard Haven

Located next to Bobby B’s, across from Copper Wok in Vineyard Haven, you will find Delicious MV, which opened before the Summer. Here, you will be completely wowed by what you find here.

Breads from Delicious MV Pain D'Avignon Cape Cod Bagels We Love MV New Bakery on Martha's Vineyard
Assortment of Pan D’Avignon Breads

WE LOVE MV: Delicious MV Bakery & More – What Goodies You’ll Find

Not only does Delicious MV have its own baked goods, pies, cakes, sweet treats, housemade ice cream, and more but you will also find Cape Cod Bagels, Pain D’Avignon breads (a great assortment), and Maison Villatte pastries, including croissants and more. It could very well be the best bakery assortment on MV!

Pastry Selection From Maision Villate Delicious MV New Bakery Vineyard Haven We Love MV
Pastries from Maison Villatte

Of course there is coffee at Delicious MV, and not just any coffee, but fresh roasted coffee. Elio roasts coffee throughout the week, bringing you a number of different roasts. For the orange juice fans, there is fresh squeezed OJ available, and it is so good. What a fabulous way to get a dose of vitamin C!

Elio Behind the counter

Delicious MV is a true gem on Martha’s Vineyard, and it will continue to grow and become even better. While walking by, be sure to check out the window at Delicious MV. Often, you will find one of the bakers there decorating a cake. It really is quite the sight!

WE LOVE MV: Delicious MV Bakery & More – Next Door At Bobby B’s

Not only do you have Delicious MV but right next door is Bobby B’s. Yes, you will find pizza and other Italian menu items but there is so much more. This is now a stop for gourmet provisions. A couple of weeks ago, Elio was wondering what to do with the extra space from removing the tables because of COVID.

Prepared Foods and more are available at Bobby B’s in Vineyard Haven

The idea of offering snacks, prepared foods, provisions, candy and other sundries came to him. Now there are well stocked shelves of all sorts of great finds. Healthy snacks, candy, Stonewall Kitchen sauces, prepared foods, beverages, beer and wine, and more are all available here. Add the items from Delicious MV and you are stocked.

Provision stocked shelves at Bobby B’s

WE LOVE MV: Delicious MV Bakery & More . . .

I keep saying the word more because I kept being surprised by all the things I found at this bakery and takeout restaurant on Main Street in Vineyard Haven. It was almost a little overwhelming in a good way. There were so many things I wanted to take home.

Great Snack Options

Elio has brought options to Vineyard Haven that are great for islanders, day-trippers — everyone. I was really pleasantly surprised at all the options. Definitely stop by Delicious MV and Bobby B’s.

Bakery goods to go

Oh and for all you pizza fans, Elio has a pizza oven he has brought over from Italy. It’s been an arduous journey for this oven which is currently off- island, but coming here soon. We will definitely be back for their new pizza.

Breads, pies, coffee and more

It will be fun to watch the continued evolution of Elio’s newest businesses. He is dedicated to providing great options for his customers. And that reminds me, you might wonder about seven bakers. He has Delicious MV, Bobby B’s, and Vineyard Grocer to sustain, and since COVID, the online business has really grown. Also, he has so many bakery orders, they are busy all the time.

Cake decorating in the window of Delicious MV

Delicious MV is only one experience to add to your fall on the Vineyard. Whatever you do, we hope that you have a wonderful time. It’s a fall of new experiences, finding new favorites — enjoying the Vineyard unscripted. Reimagined. We Love MV is our ongoing series capturing the new spirit of summer and fall on Martha’s Vineyard. 

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7 thoughts on “WE LOVE MV: Delicious MV Bakery & More Comes to Vineyard Haven”

  1. Love to see this. On the “BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!” side of things, I’ve been thrilled they have a vegan ice cream/sorbet option. And they have gluten-free cookies and muffins sometimes too!!

    Our daughter has been requesting a cake from them, and it will have to be both gluten-free and dairy-free… we’re literally going to talk to them today to see that they can do it. I’m hopeful because their cakes are always so gorgeous!!!

    1. Thanks Eva! There is so much more here and I hope this helps people discover the magic! I cannot wait for the pizza oven!
      Hope your cake comes out great ( I know it will)!

    1. Yay – glad you like it Elio – thanks for all you do for the community!
      Can’t wait to come back!

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