WE LOVE MV: North Tisbury Farm At Whippoorwill

There is something about Whippoorwill Farm in West Tisbury. Remember when the farm stand was open many years ago, when there were not that many farm stands on the Island. I have always been fond of the location and simple beauty of it.

WE LOVE MV: North Tisbury Farm At Whippoorwill Farm Stand

WE LOVE MV: North Tisbury Farm at Whippoorwill – New Team On The Farm

I was thrilled to learn that Whippoorwill Farm was being leased to Rose Willet of North Tisbury Farm. Rose and her team have done incredible things with North Tisbury Farm, where they are currently growing vegetables. In the Spring, there will be planting and work being done to the fields at Whippoorwill by the new farm team. This is a story that makes for a wonderful addition to our We Love MV series — WE LOVE MV: North Tisbury Farm at Whippoorwill

In the meantime, the Whippoorwill Farm Stand has received a little TLC and is open once more. You will find veggies from North Tisbury Farm that are being sold on the honor system. The tomatoes are delicious, and I think my favorite discovery is the “Ugly Food Box” for $15.00!

WE LOVE MV: North Tisbury Farm at Whippoorwill – Farm Stand Hours

The Whippoorwhill Farm Stand will be open through Thanksgiving. Stay tuned as the farm and its greenhouses are brought back to life! To learn more about North Tisbury Farm, Martha’s Vineyard Farm Stand Gourmet Market: North Tisbury Farm & Market Opens Up-Island In West Tisbury.

Discovering or rediscovering a new favorite Island farm stand is only one experience to add to your Fall on the Vineyard. Whatever you do, we hope that you have a wonderful time. It’s a Fall of new experiences, finding new favorites — enjoying the Vineyard unscripted. Reimagined. We Love MV is our ongoing series capturing the new spirit of Fall on Martha’s Vineyard. 

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