WE LOVE MV: Orange Peel Bakery – Pizza & Much More In Aquinnah

Pizzas have been a thing at Orange Peel Bakery in Aquinnah for a long time, but this year things are a little different at this beloved Up-Island outdoor pizzeria and shop. Here’s a fresh We Love MV visit for summer 2020 – We Love MV: Orange Peel Bakery

We Love MV: 
Orange Peel Bakery - Pizza & Much More In Aquinnah For Summer 2020 On Martha's Vineyard
Orange Peel Bakery Up-Sland In Aquinnah


You can still get that fresh, hot out of the wood-fired stone oven pizza, but now you order from the menu – which can change. Juli Vanderhoop is still there making the delicious pizzas, Saturdays and Tuesdays from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. (Wednesdays may be added in June).

We Love MV Orange Peel Bakery On Martha's Vineyard Owner Julie Vanderhoop
Juli Vanderhoop Getting Ready to Make Pizza

The Orange Peel tradition has been to bring your own toppings. While that’s on hold for now, luckily, her pizza is still available and it is so good. I got the Everything — minus onions and red peppers. It’s so light and I love all the cornmeal on the crust! Warning.

Everything Pizza At Orange Peel Bakery Takeout Food Aquinnah On
Martha's Vineyard
Orange Peel Bakery Pizza

WE LOVE MV: Orange Peel Bakery Is Now A Lot More Than Just Pizza

With all that has happened over the last couple of months, Juli quickly discovered that there was a need for folks who live up-Island to have access to more than her bakery items. In addition to her usual offerings, you can now get so much more from Orange Peel.

We Love MV Orange Peel Bakery Now Offering Lots of Staples & Provisions On Martha's Vineyard
Provisions at Orange Peel Bakery

You are able to get pantry basics there now. Eggs, milk, coffee, chips, fruits, veggies, and more, even plants. If you are out of milk, you no longer have to head down-Island. Currently, there really is no other place for provisions up-Island. The Orange Peel Bakery has been an amazing resource for so many.

We Love MV
Orange Peel Bakery
Martha's Vineyard
Dry Goods and Fruit

With these new additions, Juli has been busier than ever. Things have gone so well, she is going to continue to offer provisions at Orange Peel Bakery. She even has volunteers that help here keep people’s needs met. It really is a community-supported business.

We Love MV
Orange Peel Bakery
Martha's Vineyard
Orange Peel Bakery Goods

It is still the place you know and love, but now you can get even more when you stop by. Another good thing to share, you can now use Venmo at Orange Peel Bakery! So, if you are in the neighborhood, stop by for something sweet and some basics too!

Orange Peel Bakery
Orange Peel Bakery Bread

Summer will be here before you know it. It promises to be a summer of new experiences, finding new favorites — enjoying the Vineyard unscripted. Reimagined. We Love MV is our ongoing series capturing the new spirit of summer.

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