WE LOVE MV: Seaweed’s Restaurant Takes Local Food To A New Level On Martha’s Vineyard

“Olivia & I have been talking about this for years. We have been friends for years and talking about the most special restaurant we can imagine. In our minds it was always on the island, always served all island grown food, always welcoming to all and always was with people we love (our staff)“, co-owner of Seaweed’s, Danielle Pattavina.

WE LOVE MV: Seaweed’s Restaurant Takes Local Food To A New Level – New Dining Option In Oak Bluffs

Danielle Pattavina and Olivia Pattison (who is also the owner of Cinnamon Starship bread), have come together to open their vision of a special restaurant, Seaweed’s. Located on Kennebec Avenue (where 20 x Nine was), here, you will find a revolving menu that truly highlights the local bounty of Martha’s Vineyard. Almost everything comes from Island Farms. It is a labor of love and using such fresh ingredients allows for creativity in the kitchen.

My friend Anna and I got reservations on a Thursday night for one of the outdoor dining spaces. There is limited indoor and outdoor dining along with takeout. We were lucky enough to get seating by the railing that is perfect for people watching. Over the years, Kennebec has gotten a lot more popular for foodies – with Red Cat, Offshore, Jimmy Seas, Gios, Cardboard Box, and soon Pawnee House, there are lots of options.

WE LOVE MV: Seaweed’s Restaurant Takes Local Food To A New Level + Natural Wines

In addition to great food, Seaweed’s offers a natural wine menu. Why is this different from other restaurants? Having only natural wine was the only option for Danielle and Olivia. It’s what Danielle has worked with for over 20 years. The food is carefully sourced so it makes sense to have the wine be as well. Natural wine is wine without chemicals. Wine that is ethically produced, mostly organic and has a lot less sugar. So, chances are you may not have heard of the wines on the menu at Seaweed’s.

We had great seating and began our Seaweed’s adventure with wine. Not knowing any of the vintners, we worked with our server Gina. We decided to go with white wine to start, and talked with Gina about what we looked for in a wine. I like drier, less sweet wines, and Anna was open for anything.

Gina brought us three wines to sample to help us make our choice. It was so fun. We were able to find one that was simply delicious, Fatalone Bianco Spinomarino. It was light and dry and we felt very spoiled having such a great experience finding our wine.

WE LOVE MV: Seaweed’s Restaurant Takes Local Food To A New Level – Tasting The Menu

We then went on to order. We started with a couple appetizers or rather SNAXXXX, as they are referred to at Seaweed’s. First up, a beautiful Black Sea Bass crudo with the freshest sea bass, local herbs and lemon. I love a good, simple crudo!

Next, we had what I will say was one of the best things I have had in a long time – Griddled Starship sourdough with braised Grey Barn pork & Dylan’s oyster mushrooms (Edgartown grown) and local herbs. If you see this on the menu, get it. I cannot even put into words how delicious this was. I woke the next day thinking about it.

After appetizers, it was on to red wine since there was a little chill in the air. We went through potential wine candidates and of course found a wonderful option for the additional dishes we were going to order. I normally like a full bodied, bold red, but Summer calls for a lighter red. We opted for the Abbia Nova Cesanese del Piglio. It was so fun to work with Gina to find the right red wine.

WE LOVE MV: Seaweed’s Restaurant Takes Local Food To A New Level – Don’t Miss The Fresh Pasta

Now onto more food. Seaweed’s is well known for its fresh pasta. So, of course we had to get that. It is not always available, but when it is, you should get it. There is nothing better than really good fresh pasta.

Each night it’s available, a different preparation is offered. On the night we were there, it was Janey’s island-grown rye tagliatelle with Ghost Island Farm summer squash, Mermaid Farm fromage blanc & herbs from everywhere pesto (carrot tops, nasturtium, sorrel, basil). Such a simple dish but so full of flavor. We were practically fork fighting for the last bite!

Sad to say, we ate so much that we didn’t even save room for dessert. I can only imagine how good it would be, but you have to know when to quit.

Seaweed’s is a special addition to the Island. In addition to a commitment to Island food, Danielle and Olivia also want Seaweed’s to be a place of inclusion, where everyone feels welcome, can enjoy a good glass of wine and great food. For info on what’s on the menu, visit their instagram account, SEAWEEDS_MV. To make a reservation, call 508.338.7954 or click here for takeout. Also, they are offering wine specials 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM at $11/glass, and there are DJ brunches on Sunday, since Kennebec is closed for Masquerade Sunday (blog coming soon).

Dining out is sure different this year, but Island restaurants are doing their best to keep people safe and help you enjoy great local dining options. Wherever you dine (takeout or dine in) or whatever you do, we hope that you have a wonderful time. Summer is in full swing! It promises to be a summer of new experiences, finding new favorites — enjoying the Vineyard unscripted.  Reimagined. We Love MV is our ongoing series capturing the new spirit of summer. 

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