Wine + Peace – A New Way to Learn About Wine With Renowned Sommelier Sam Decker

You may have heard through the grapevine that Sam and Katy Decker have moved from their Chilmark home to Montreal. Though we are sad to not have this dynamic couple on Island year round, they’ll be back for the Summer.

If you don’t know Sam, I can guarantee you would adore him. For years, he has been the Sommelier at Atria. Here, he continues to inspire and delight wine enthusiasts, and the wine dinners he hosts there are truly amazing. His relationship with wine is interwoven with who he is as a person. He’s constantly learning and exploring and sharing his world.

For years, Sam and Katy have been dreaming about creating a subscription service that takes a new approach to wine education. As you may know, Sam has had a love affair with wine and has so for decades. His knowledge and passion seems to know no bounds in this field.

Why Montreal? When he and Katy went to meet with their design firm in the city, they fell in love with it. There is so much happening, it’s beautiful, and Montreal is really supportive of new businesses. Sam and Katy are already immersed in the start-community having landed a spot and been accepted into District 3, one of the top startup accelerators in the city.

Introducing Wine + Peace

Wine + Peace is not just your typical wine subscription service. Instead, clients will receive interactive lesson boxes that combine the best handmade wines with the art of the shared experience.

Wine + Peace has two possible options for those wanting to have a more intimate exploration into the world of wine. You can choose a group lesson subscription box or there is an online direct-to-consumer marketplace.

Through Wine + Peace, customers will advance in an ever-stimulating cycle of learning and discovery. By fostering a community that rewards openhearted exploration and inclusiveness, and by highlighting social issues, we hope to encourage active participation in causes central not just to wine, but to the planet as a whole.

Wine + Peace will have its beta launch in the Spring along with its website. We will be sure to follow up with this incredible story and new business. This was just too good to not share! How exciting for the wine world!

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