Yommi Healthy Frozen Treats: Cool Summer Superfood Made On Martha’s Vineyard

Chances are if you’ve been to any of the the flea markets this summer, you’ve seen the Yommi trailer. It’s hard to miss, baby blue, a surf board on top, and a smiling face behind the counter. You can’t walk by without checking it out. It just looks like some good is about to happen.

Martha's Vineyard Superfood Frozen Treats Yommi Healthy Frozen Treats Food Truck

Last year, Adrian Johnson and Nicole Corbo opened Yommi Healthy Frozen Treats. When traveling in Costa Rica, they would frequent this really cool healthy store that sold popsicles that were chocked full of good things. A frozen super food, something that was refreshing and good for you. After all, eating well can be fun if done right.

Yommi Healthy Frozen Foods Founder Adrian Johnson Martha's Vineyard

I went to check out Yommi at the Featherstone Flea, which is on Tuesdays from 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM at Featherstone. It’s a great way to enjoy exploring a collection of local artists and vendors Down Island. I really do love the Yommi trailer, it’s so welcoming

Martha's Vineyard Made Popsicles Superfood Frozen Treats Yommi Frozen Healthy Treats

Yommi’s homemade treats are made on Martha’s Vineyard with the best possible ingredients, including many local products, are dairy and gluten free. Adrian and Nicole have created some really incredible flavor combinations.

Martha's Vineyard Yommi Healthy Frozen Treats: Mint Chocochip, coconut milk, local honey, MV Sea Salt, local spinach and mint, raw cacao nibs, and peppermint oil

It was hard to choose just which one to try. I was curious about the Mint Chocochip, coconut milk, local honey, MV Sea Salt, local spinach and mint, raw cacao nibs, and peppermint oil. The Mexican Chocolate sounded yummy too, with raw cacao, cayenne, coconut milk, local honey, MV Sea Salt, avocado, cinnamon, and lime.

Yommi Healthy Frozen Treats Martha's Vineyard: Strawberry Basil Cream fresh strawberries, local honey and basil, coconut milk, MV Sea Salt, bananas, and vanilla

However, the Strawberry Basil Cream won in the end. There was a cocktail I had once with those flavors that I really enjoyed. So, it seemed like the best option, and how fun for a popsicle flavor! Made with fresh strawberries, local honey and basil, coconut milk, MV Sea Salt, bananas, and vanilla. It did not disappoint. Strawberry-ilicious on top and creamy on the bottom with a hint of basil throughout. It is certainly not your average popsicle!

Martha's Vineyard Food Truck Yommi Frozen Healthy Superfood Popsicles

Another happy customer stopped by Yommi when I was talking with Adrian. This young lady got the Cotton Candy Yommi popsicle. She said it tasted like cotton candy! Kids like Yommi too which is great for parents! You can give them a superfood popsicle and they have no idea that it’s really good for them.

For Adrian and Nicole, it’s about making a product that is good for you and you feel good eating. Yommi is made with all good ingredients but as Adrian says, these popsicles “Don’t taste like a garden, they tase like a popsicle”.

Martha's Vineyard Superfood Popsicles Yommi Frozen Harlthy Treats

Yommi popsicles are a sophisticated sweet treat. How great to have so many good ingredients wrapped up something so perfect for summer. You can get your own Yommi Healthy Frozen Treats and can be found at the Chilmark Flea, the Featherstone Flea, the West Tisbury Artisans Festival, and at Cinema Circus. You can also have Yommi at your events. They love private parties!

Yommi Superfood Popsicles Martha's Vineyard Food Truck Solar Power

One more great thing to mention about Yommi is that their trailer is solar operated. Way to be not only good for people but for the planet too!

Frozen Superfood Popsicles Yommi Food Truck Martha's VineyardT

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