12 Days of Gratitude for Martha’s Vineyard

As we look back and reflect on 2022 and all it has brought us, we can’t help but be reminded of all of the distinctive qualities of life on Martha’s Vineyard that make this such a unique and extraordinary place. It is the appeal of Martha’s Vineyard that has provided us with success and opportunity, for it’s a place you want to be, and a place you want to return.

If you’re reading this you too likely have a relationship with Martha’s Vineyard that keeps bringing you back again and again, whether a resident or a visitor, it’s a place with a strong sense of place you can’t find anywhere else. There’s a pull, an attraction, a force that beckons you, a feeling that comes over you when you step off the ferry and have arrived. If you know you know.

We cherish the moments Island life has provided us this year, and as 2022 comes to a close, we wanted to share the 12 things about Martha’s Vineyard that we are most grateful for.

12 Days of Gratitude for Martha’s Vineyard The Oak Bluffs visitor kiosk decked out for the holidays
The Oak Bluffs visitor kiosk decked out for the holidays.

1. The Island Community
When we asked the Point B team what about Martha’s Vineyard they are most grateful for, a resounding answer, again and again, is community. The people that make up this place are resilient, supportive, and generous. It’s an Island, after all, so we all must depend on one another in a certain way, and we’re bounded together by the shared love and appreciation for Island life. It is a close-knit and caring community. If you need the support of a neighbor or friend the Island rises up to lend a hand. As they say, a rising tide lifts all boats, and the people here embody that expression.

2. Our Local Non-Profits
More than anywhere else on Martha’s Vineyard, you can truly get a sense of the strength of the community when you look to our dedicated non-profits and hard-working organizations that work tirelessly to provide for Islanders of all walks of life. From the many programs of Martha’s  Vineyard Community Services which provide support to youth, families, Veterans, the disabled, survivors of domestic and sexual violence, and beyond, their expertise and compassion help our entire community be as vibrant, strong, and healthy as possible.

Then there’s the Martha’s Vineyard Boys and Girls Club (MVBGC) which aims to help Island youth to reach their full potential as innovative, caring, and responsible citizens, an organization we support through the MV Teddy Bear Suite. MVBGC’s Healthy Happy Kids program is an initiative that addresses food security for Island children, a very real issue that they are tackling head-on. And that’s just two of hundreds of our local Martha’s Vineyard non-profits that enrich the lives of Islanders. It’s organizations like these that continue to strengthen the current community and build a better tomorrow and ensure the sustainability of the people that call Martha’s Vineyard home. 

12 Days of Gratitude for Martha’s Vineyard Gay Head Lighthouse In Aquinnah
Gay Head Lighthouse In Aquinnah

3. The Island’s Natural Beauty
In addition to the people, one of the things that attract us all to Martha’s Vineyard is the place itself, the magnificent land and sweeping shores that provide the beautiful backdrop to our Island home. From the majestic cliffs of Aquinnah to the great ponds of Edgartown and Chilmark, it is truly one of the most scenic places we have ever been. We often have to pinch ourselves to be reminded of how lucky we are to live here.

12 Days of Gratitude for Martha’s Vineyard Lucy Vincent Beach In Chilmark
Lucy Vincent Beach In Chilmark

4. Martha’s Vineyard Beaches
The beaches of Martha’s Vineyard deserve their own spot on our top twelve things to be grateful for on Martha’s Vineyard because they truly bring us so much joy, inspiration, and solitude. This time of year we are grateful for long walks along the shore of Martha’s Vineyard’s most coveted beaches, which are generally restricted in the summer to town residents. If you’re on Martha’s vineyard this winter be sure to visit Squibnocket Beach or Lucy Vincent Beach in Chilmark or Lambert’s Cove Beach in West Tisbury to experience what it’s like to have one of Martha’s Vineyard’s most treasured beaches all to yourself.

5. Pure and Pristine Living
When we think about the natural beauty of Martha’s Vineyard we are reminded of its purity and how much we appreciate the ability to live in a place where we can breathe easier and live fuller. Whenever we return home on the ferry we realize just how clean and rejuvenating the Island’s crisp, salty air really is. Next time you step off the boat on Vineyard soil, inhale deeply and fully appreciate what the Island air brings you. Where else can you go where you can look up to the night sky and be dazzled with clear skies, free of air pollution, offering a magnificent sparkling sight any time of year?

12 Days of Gratitude for Martha’s Vineyard Edgartown Harbor & Lighthouse
Edgartown Harbor & Lighthouse

6. Our Sunrises and Sunsets
Speaking of the sky… when we travel off-Island we are often told by the area’s locals to make sure to catch a sunrise or sunset. While we appreciate the insider tips, rarely are we wowed at those sunrises and sunsets off-Island, as our own Martha’s Vineyard provides some of the best we’ve ever seen. Head out to Menemsha to catch the sun setting in the west and the round of applause you hear as the sun recedes resonates as a reminder of how fortunate we are to live under a sky that puts on such an impressive nightly show. Catch a glimpse of the sun rising up on the horizon above the Oak Bluffs fishing pier in the morning and savor every moment, as our Martha’s Vineyard sunrises and sunsets are some of the best you’ll ever see.

7. Our Local Trails
Martha’s Vineyard is home to 200+ miles of trails that meander through our local lands and we so appreciate the easy access we have to them. Whether you want to hike or bike to burn off steam or calories, or just enjoy a leisurely stroll with your pup, there is no shortage of options and opportunities across our Island trails. Be sure to download Sheriff Meadow’s Society TrailsMV app and add some new trails to your 2023 outdoor bucket list!

12 Days of Gratitude for Martha’s Vineyard Kayaking On Chappy
Kayaking Cape Pogue On Chappy

8. Outdoor Activities Abound
Generally speaking, Martha’s Vineyard is a mecca for outdoor activity and exploration and we are grateful for all of the chances we get to appreciate our natural surroundings from land and sea. It’s the type of place where you can enjoy a day on the water sailing, kayaking, kiteboarding, surfing, or fishing and then do it all over again the next day. The diversity of our natural landscape affords us exercise, recreation, and relaxation year-round.

9. World-Class Fishing
We’d be remiss if we didn’t call out Martha’s Vineyard fishing as its very own thing to be grateful for, as our surrounding waters offer some of the best fishing you will find in the country. Our clean, crisp, Atlantic waters are breeding grounds for some of the most delicious fish around and the sport lends itself to endless hours of entertainment while deepening our relationships with the natural area. Our water temperatures are ideal for the sport, as is our in-shore structure that holds fish for local surf casters enjoyment, from the jetties, coves, and rocks of Martha’s Vineyard’s shorelines that make for unbelievable fishing. If you’ve never experienced the Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby make sure to add it to your bucket list for 2023, even if you don’t fish it’s an incredible sight to behold, from watching our local fisherman cast along the shores to witnessing daily weigh-in at Edgartown harbor, make a point to indulge in all this time-honored tradition has to offer next year!

12 Days of Gratitude for Martha’s Vineyard Fishing By The Edgartown Lighthouse
Fishing by the Edgartown Lighthouse.

10. Local Food and Local Farms
Fishing provides some of the best local food, as do our lands, expertly and painstakingly maintained by our diligent and devoted local farmers. When it comes to local food the Island can satisfy even the most discerning palette with its offerings, and we are so lucky to have access to dozens of working farms, offering locally raised meats, eggs, produce, shellfish, and more. Two of our favorites include Morning Glory Farm in Edgartown and Grey Barn Farm in Chilmark, which offer tremendous local goodies year-round. 

11. Our Team
Our team is made up of hard-working, dedicated individuals that want nothing more than to provide the Island experience to their clients and we are so grateful for all of the work they do, professionally and personally, to enrich the Island community and deliver top-notch service to their clients. At the end of the day, we are all in the business of sharing the Martha’s Vineyard experience, and we can’t imagine a more devoted team to help us do what we do. 

The Point B Team At Their Annual Beachside Clambake

12. Our Clients
Thank you! To all of our clients and business associates that have supported us and the work that we do to curate exceptional Martha’s Vineyard experiences, we are so appreciative of you. It’s because of your trust and the value you put on this special place that allows Point B to continue to be a leader in our industry and provide even more people with homes and rental experiences on Martha’s Vineyard. Because of our Martha’s Vineyard clients, we can continue to share this unique place with generations of new residents and visitors, we are most grateful!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year! May the spirit of the holidays move you and may you too be reminded of just how lucky you are to live, vacation, and experience a place as special as Martha’s Vineyard. 

12 Days of Gratitude for Martha’s Vineyard The Point B Team
The Point B | Compass Family. Photo courtesy GuinevereCramer.

The Point B Team at this year’s holiday party, from top left to bottom right: Tina Miller; Jaimie Fallon; Jennifer B. DaSilva; Alexandra Mark; Kim Naylor; Joe Barkett; Erin Leighton Huckins; Carson Crissman; Deb Nugent; Wendy Harman; Win Baker; Judy Rogers; Andrew Noble; Guinevere Cramer. Not pictured: Trish Lyman; Valerie Hart; Susie Wallo Plimpton; Jamie Cekala; Susan Harman Bass; David Smith.

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