Snow. Then Sun. Then Wind. Winter In New England – Vineyard Style

Edgartown Lighthouse After The Snow Storm

You know what they say about the weather in New England, and today saw one of those winter-in-New-England days.

Morning Sun Across Edgartown Harbor

There was a pretty good coastal snow storm, dumping six to eight inches across various parts of Martha’s Vineyard.

Snowy But Passable Is How We Found The Morning Street - Such As The Scene On North Water Street In Edgartown

There was a lot of snow but by mid-morning, the streets, like North Water in Edgartown, were passable. Winter wonderland vignettes popped up everywhere you turned.

Snow Covered Trees & Streets With Blue Skies & Sun

Sunny, blue skies, snow-covered trees and harbors.

The Hill At Sweetened Water Comes Alive During Sunset In Edgartown

Then, as the weatherman predicted, temperatures dropped, the wind started to howl, and the wind chill rolled in, and dropped the mercury down to into the single digits. 

Sunset At Sweetened Water Hill

While there was not enough snow to cancel school today on the Vineyard, there was more than enough to bring the favored sledding hill at Sweetened Water alive with kids in Edgartown.

Hunkering Down For A Cold New England Night Vineyard Style

So, in from the hills. Throw another log on the fire. It’s going to be a cold New England winter night and there’s no where better place to enjoy it — than right here on Martha’s Vineyard. Wish you were here!

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