Bass In The Grass MV – The Auction is Ending Soon! Don’t Miss Your Chance To Own An Incredible Piece Of Art From Martha’s Vineyard Artists

Martha’s Vineyard Fishing Derby fever is still running wild on the Island, but it’s not only the fishing that’s got us hooked, it’s also Bass in the Grass MV! If you’re not familiar with Bass in the Grass MV, check out our first blog for all the details, Bass in the Grass MV – Celebrating The Martha’s Vineyard Fishing Derby and Local Artists On Martha’s Vineyard.

Martha's Vineyard Fishing Derby Bass In The Grass Art Auction Fundraiser

This inaugural event, celebrating the Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass & Bluefish Derby, has already raised over $15,000, and the bids keep coming in. These Bass are pretty easy to catch — you just have to bid. The Edgartown Board of Trade, the sponsor of the event, has an online auction that is in full swing. The Bass currently range in bids from $250.00 to $1,800.00. Click here to see the whole “school” and bid 

Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass & Bluefish Fishing Derby - Art Auction Bass In The Grass

Bass In The Grass MV Artists

There are over 30 Bass in the Grass MV to bid on, and some of the artists are quite recognizable and desirable, fetching big money in local galleries. You’ll find Margo Datz, Traeger di Pietro, Elizabeth Whelan, and Larry Horowitz, just to name a few. This is a chance for you to have one of these incredible artists’ works in your home.

Not only are you getting the first of what is sure to become an Island tradition, so many people stop and explore the Bass in the Grass MV at the Mini Park in Edgartown, but you’re supporting the Derby’s Scholarship Fund which has awarded scholarships to Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School graduating seniors totaling more that $600,000 since 1986.

Point B Realty Sponsored Bass In The Grass Art Auction Martha's Vineyard Fishing Derby

Point B Realty was proud to sponsor a bass. Our own “Sandy,” painted by Jasmine Thompson, is part of this fishy group. You can see the amount of detail that has gone into this fish. It has been painted on both sides which is unique in this school. What is also special about Sandy is that it was first covered in sand, and then painted. It has a texture and look that is all its own. We love this Bass! If you want this beautiful Bass, Sandy, for your art collection, click here.

Bass In The Grass Fundraiser Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass & Bluefish Derby

There are a couple Bass that have been causing quite the frenzy. Here are a couple, Fish Eye View, sponsored  and created by Backyard Taco (Evan Shai), which was made with everyday items that are found in your life, like spoons, is pretty creative and cool. I definitely see this in someone’s kitchen or in a restaurant.

Stella, a striper, hand crafted with things found on our beaches, by artist Carly Herosian and sponsored by Catboat Charters, is currently the Bass with the highest bid. She is a Striper, handcrafted entirely with Vineyard materials. Stella is definitely special.

Martha's Vineyard Fish Derby Bass In The Grass MV Art Fundraiser

The iconic artist,Margo Datz, painted two Bass, They’re Back (Cape Cod Five) and Ocean Mother (Vineyard Trust). Both stunning pieces. They’re Back is really currently running strong in the bid department. This image of a local fisherman distracted by the Derby, letting mermaids go unseen is a fun metaphor for spouses or bosses who have lost people to the lure of the Derby.

Artist Margo Datz Martha's Vineyard Artist Fundraiser Bass In The Grass MV

Artist Traeger di Pietro’s is a twofer deal! The Kiss, sponsored by North Water Street Gallery and The Clarion, features two of Traeger’s well known characters, the Messenger and the Girl in the Red Dress. There is something so sweet and whimsical about this fishy pair.

The Bass in the Grass auction ends: Friday Oct 12, 2018 11:59 PM EDT! Bid and bid strong! These Bass are not only beautiful pieces of art that are Vineyard inspired, but they are helping Island children, bid here, NOW!

Author’s Note: Many of these artists’ works go for a lot of money in galleries, this is a chance to have something really special.
Thanks for reading On Point. You can learn more about Bass in the Grass on its website, click here,  and you can also bid on your favorite Bass in the GrassDon’t forget to “Like” Point B Realty on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter, Linked In, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube and Instagram.

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