Dream, Girl – How One Documentary Came To Martha’s Vineyard: Unique Films And Fun at the Martha’s Vineyard Film Center

One of the amazing things about living in a small community is the fact that if you want something to happen, you can usually make it so.

Martha's Vineyard Film Center

My friend Karen Bruno Giannakopoulos is a mover and a shaker. A female entrepreneur who is working towards her personal goals, and is also helping others along the way. She saw the film, Dream, Girl when it premiered in New York City in 2016.

Dream, Girl Documentary Martha's Vineyard Film Center

Dream, Girl is documentary film about a dynamic group of female entrepreneurs and their journey, struggles and successes. With a large portion of CEO’s and business icons that are known throughout America being male, Dream, Girl highlights the growing success of women in business, creating their own companies, and having their voice be heard.

KarenSince seeing the movie, she knew it had to come to Martha’s Vineyard. She had met the director of the film, Erin Bagwell, while in New York, and they talked about having the film be shown on the Vineyard.

Things got busy, Karen and her husband, Nelson, had a baby. She was working on her own entrepreneurial endeavors, and living life on the Island. Erin reached out to her about the film recently. Wondering if there was still an interest.

Of course there was. This powerful film that encourages strength and belief had to come to the Vineyard. Karen had originally reached out to Richard Paradise from the Martha’s Vineyard Film Center, but at this point she needed help in making it happen.

India Rose the executive director and founder of C.E.O., Creative Entrepreneur with Opportunities

Karen reached out to India Rose, the executive director and founder of C.E.O., Creative Entrepreneur with Opportunities. C.E.O. is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help the financial and economic growth of entrepreneurs with a focus on women empowerment and the Island’s youth.

Richard Paradise Martha's Vineyard Film Center

India was in support Karen’s idea, and worked to find a sponsor to bring the film to Martha’s Vineyard. She spoke with Dina BenDavid about sponsorship. Dina is the founder/owner of Enhance MV, and empowering woman is something near and dear to her heart, and in line with her goals with her business. She agreed to help, and the plan was made in less than 24 hours!

Enhance MV

Karen reached out to a group of women to see the movie with her. Women who are starting their own businesses, have their own business, stay at home moms, art teachers, and women who work for others. A dynamic, diverse group of Island women all gathering together to watch Dream, Girl.

Dream. Girl Screening At Martha's Vineyard Film Center

Not only would the movie Dream, Girl be shown, but there would be a reception beforehand and a Q & A after. During the reception, women gathered together, talking about their work, sipping on wine and sharing laughs. It was a great way to preface the movie.

Dream, Girl Documentary About Women IN The Workplace Screening On Martha's Vineyard

Not quite knowing what to expect, I was so moved and so hopeful from watching Dream, Girl. The amazing women whose stories were shared were so inspiring. Women from all sorts of backgrounds and ethnicities, some who knew they wanted to have their own business since birth, some who discovered their passion later in life.

Women tried, succeeded, failed, and learned about themselves and what impossible things they could achieve. The film offers support and hope for women who want to do what they are passionate about. It was truly incredible. When women support each other, the dynamic outcome and the successes are quite remarkable.

After the film, the applause was significant. I guarantee that at least one woman moves forward on her business from seeing that film.

India & Erica

But we were not done yet. India and MV Allston owner, Erica Belle-Williams, took the stage to talk about their journey, the struggles and wins about being women entrepreneurs. The audience asked questions, and India and Erica were an amazing.

After the film and Q & A, our group was pumped up! We had so much to discuss. So, we all agreed to go to The Lookout for a beer and share what we learned, our thoughts, and our dreams. It was great to be able to talk about it, and we all agreed that Dream, Girl needs to be shown again, and include the Island’s youth too. Also, it’s a great film to help encourage women to break through their “glass ceiling.”

Dream. Girl Discusses Documentary After Screening Martha's Vineyard Film Center

Yes, the movie was incredible and impactful, but I feel like the moral to the story is that you can manifest your wants and dreams. Karen wanted to share this film where she lives, share the message. She was able to do just that. Having a dream, no matter how big or small is worth working on.

Karen finding a place to show the movie, a partner to help market it, and get a sponsor, just shows you how much of a difference you can make, together, here on Martha’s Vineyard.

I think about this so often as I meet so many people who make a difference on the Island, and who follow their dreams here. There are so many successful small business owners in this 20 by 9 piece of land, and there’s room for more.

Author’s Note: How lucky I am to work for a small business women owner, Wendy Harman, who is not only successful but is always extremely generous.

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