Glow Yoga For Kids And Adults On Martha’s Vineyard

Glow Yoga – Not Just For Kids On Martha’s Vineyard. Let yourself glow! My two children are big fans of Kids Yogamotion. There is something about yoga that humans of all ages and levels can find joy in. Founder of Kids Yogamotion, Anne Caldwell, is always creating clever ways to make yoga even more fun, like crafts, glow yoga and more.

Sometimes I have thought about how fun these things would be for adults. So, you can only imagine my surprise when I saw Glow Yoga (GLOWGA) for women 18+. I needed to experience this for myself and see if it was as good as my kids thought it was.

Glow Yoga – Get Glowing

Anne’s Glow Yoga, her first ever for adults, was held on a Sunday evening at Eclipse Studio in Vineyard Haven. The cost of the class was $25 and preregistering is encouraged, since the class is capped at 16 participants.

Glow Yoga On Martha's Vineyard For Kids And Adults

I had no idea what to expect, except that I was going to use glow paint, see some awesome friends and do yoga.

Kida Yogamotion

Glow Yoga – Paint Party With Yoga

When I walked into Eclipse, I was in awe! Women were working together to create designs on each other with glow paint. Creativity and laughter were flowing. It was impossible to not get caught up in the energy of Glow Yoga.

Glow Yoga On Martha's Vineyard Glow IN The Dark Paint And More

Friends/strangers — we all regressed back to young ages, painting on ourselves, laughing and being silly. It was so freeing. Stress from the minutia of life melted away with each brush and finger stroke. Oh and there were also glow tattoos, glow bracelets and finger lights.

When we all felt as though we were ready for the yoga in the dark, we wrapped up our art session and charged up with blacklights which lined the entire studio space.

Off went the lights and the music started. It was quite the sight to see 18 women glowing. It took us a couple of minutes to settle down. We were all having so much fun. I cannot describe how lighthearted I felt at the moment.

Glow Yoga #Glowga

With most yoga classes, I tend to try to center myself and get in a more zen like frame of mind. However, with this class, it was not about that necessarily. As Anne said, it was about playfulness. When as a 40 – something do you think about playfulness or being carefree? What a gift Glow Yoga or Glowga really is!

Glow Yoga – Letting Glow

This Glow Yoga class was all about letting glow and enjoying! We practiced our downward facing dog and such, but we also picked up pompoms with our toes, practiced balancing peacock feathers with our neighbors, all while listening to great music like Bob Marley.

The time flew by and we were all sad when it was over. It was time to go back to adulting. However, we all left a little lighter, a little happier. What a special experience, thank you Anne for letting the kids in us, surface for a bit.

The next Glow Yoga will be held at Eclipse Studio on March 30th!

Kids Yogamotion

Anne Caldwell is no stranger to instruction. Before teaching yoga to children (and adults), she worked in the school system.

However, her daughter, Samantha, was diagnosed with brain cancer (she kicked cancer’s butt). Anne knew that she needed to do something to help not only Sam, but also her younger daughter, Julia, cope with all that was happening regarding Sam’s cancer battle.

When she was at Boston Children’s Hospital, she saw a flyer for kids’ yoga training. The dates happened to coincide with dates she had to be in Boston for Sam’s treatment. She went for it!

It turned out that training in this field did help provide the tools needed to help ease a hard situation with her kids. It helped them learn to self calm, self regulate. The same is true for kids who take her Kids Yogamotion classes.

She really enjoys working with kids, knowing she is helping them. Parents tell her all the time how much they love when their child goes into a pose or references something from class and can calm themselves. So many kids benefit from the practice she teaches.

It’s really about mindful movement and finding strength within. It’s not a team sport, it’s not loud, it’s not filled with contact, yet it enables kids to feel strong and feel more happy with themselves.

Thank you Jennifer Lyn Photography for the use of your photos from Glow Yoga.

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