Harbor View Hotel Roxana Bar Opens With New Dining Options For Martha’s Vineyard

As I turned the corner from the hallway towards the new Harbor View Hotel Roxana Bar, I felt a little twinge of sadness. I have made so many great memories at Henry’s — the previous bar and restaurant in the space — and it changing was a little sad to me.

New Roxana Bar At Harbor View Hotel Opens In Edgartownel

Harbor View Hotel Roxana Bar Opens In Edgartown

However, as soon as I walked through the door, the sadness was gone. Roxana is an elevated, and dare I say, more comfortable use of this special space. The new U-shape bar is stunning. There are more seats (love the red), it’s more comfortable, and it’s the perfect spot for drinks or a bite. Thanks Harbor View Hotel for the photo below.

Roxana Bar Edgartown Martha's Vineyard

When you go into the dining room, be aware that the curved banquettes are no longer but what’s there now is even better! There are a number of booths that line the walls which enables more people to enjoy that stunning view out to the Edgartown Lighthouse.

Martha's Vineyard Restaurants Harbor View Hotel Roxana Bar In Edgartown

The decor is casual and relaxed, but seems more thoughtful and a bit more sophisticated. Take note on the artwork on the walls. Roxana has partnered with Eisenhauer Gallery, in Edgartown, for the art which is perfect for the space. It adds character and a little whimsy.

Harbor View Hotel Roxana Bar – Lunch With A View

The menu is quite different from the ole comfort food of Henry’s. Roxana’s Chef Patrice Martineau is serving up an internationally inspired tapas menu. The items are intended to be shared, and create a memorable culinary adventure. However, I should note that the lunch menu, which my friend and I sampled, does have some sandwich options like a burger and of course, a lobster roll.

The New U-Shaped Bar At Roxana Bar & Restaurant Harbor View Hotel Martha's Vineyard

For my first ever Roxana experience, we tried a montage of bites, including Asian Bento ($30), the Bao ($15), and the Local Cheese Selection ($15). We mixed a little tapas with an entree for lunch.

From the tapas portion of Roxana’s menu, which consists of three categories, Asian, Mediterranean, and American, we chose the Bao. It was hard to decide because almost everything sounded delicious. I say almost because there is a beet hummus and beets are not for me. Chef Martineau definitely knows how to be creative with ingredients.

The Bao As Served At Roxana Bar Harbor View Hotel New Restaurant On Martha's Vineyard

The Bao with crispy pork belly, shiso slaw was INCREDIBLE. The steamed buns were just the best and that crispy pork belly was simple a pork lover’s dream come true. The Bao is my new go to when at Roxana — lunch or dinner!

We opted for the Asian Bento with chicken, steamed rice, mixed greens, tofu, soy sauce and miso soup. You can get salmon instead of chicken if you like. The presentation was exquisite and exciting. Each element was prepared to perfection.

Asian Bento Box Lunch At Roxana Bar Edgartown Martha's Vineyard

The miso soup – the best ever, and why doesn’t my rice taste that good at home!

Roxana Bar Edgartown martha's vineyard

To deviate from our Asian themed meal, we had the Local Cheese Selection. This is always a favorite of mine because I enjoy Grey Barn cheese so much, and Roxana’s cheese plate features Grey Barn cheeses. The cheese was delicious and the grilled sourdough was fresh and crisp. Please note that you may need to ask for extra bread with this one.

Local Cheese Plate At Harbor View Hotel Roxana Bar Features Grey Barn Cheeses From Chilmark Martha's Vineyard

Harbor View Hotel Roxana Bar Dinner Menu

The dinner menu features a larger selection of tapas, even a Chef’s Tasting Tapas – either four or six tapas which you can also add a wine pairing to. A perfect way to really experience Chef Martineau’s cooking, and this is definitely what I am doing next at Roxana because I have to come back for dinner!C

Roxana Bar Edgartown Harbor View Hotel Martha's Vineyard

Harbor View Hotel Roxana Bar – Craft Cocktails

As you make your way to Roxana, you will notice just how AMAZING the Harbor View Hotel looks after its renovation. The attention to detail and style is visible throughout and amps up your expectation. The hotel truly is the grand dame of Edgartown.

Craft Cocktails At Roxana Bar Edgartown Habor View Hotel Martha's Vineyard

Along with that attention to detail in the decor, the food, and the overall feel, wait until you see the glassware collection for cocktails and mocktails. Drinks are served in barware that suits the cocktail.

We tried their signature drink, The Roxana, Tito’s vodka with Roxana’s homemade pineapple-ginger soda. Sounds sweet right, but it was not. The flavors were subtle, making for a light, refreshing cocktail. And we can we just talk about the fabulous highball glass wrapped in gold that just made the drink that much more special.

Roxana Bar Craft Cocktails The Roxana With Titos Vodka and Homemade Pineapple Ginger Soda Harbor View Hotel Edgartown

Each cocktail is an experience. Here too it was hard to decide on what to try. I think next up will be the Kaufman Verde which is Farmer’s Botanical Gin with matcha, lime leaf, lemongrass and elderflower soda — ounds so different!

Bettini, Roxana’s more formal counterpart opens for dinner later this month. It is however open for breakfast, and this menu is pretty impressive – check out the Harbor View Breakfast! This space has been completely transformed. Whereas Roxana is still cozy. Bettini has been elevated. It is impressive and has so much style! Be prepared to be wowed!

Bettini Edgartown Martha's Vineyard

With every step through the Harbor View, the change is clear. It is a hotel that is meant to leave its mark on you. It is a hotel that is meant to leave you wanting for nothing. It is luxe without being loud. It has found its grandeur once again.

Chef Patrice Martineau’s vision for the Harbor View draws inspiration from the abundant seasonal produce and seafood available on the island. Sustainably sourced from local farmers and foragers, these ingredients—deftly combined with an imaginative array of exotic herbs and spices—are then artistically transformed into dishes as irresistible as they are unforgettable.- the Harbor View Hotel

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Author’s Note: If you were wondering about the restaurant names, they are named after the daughters of Bernard Chiu, the new owner of the Harbor View Hotel. He has a home in Edgartown and noticed that some many of the homes are named after male whaling captains. He wanted to pay homage to strong, successful women.

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