It’s Official……Bunch of Grapes is Moving

Bowl & Board building is getting a makeover as the new home of Bunch of Grapes

I had been hearing a little buzz here and there about Bunch of Grapes moving into the old Bowl and Board space, right across the street from their current location, and I, along with many others, didn’t necessarily believe it.  I really thought that Midnight Farm would be going into that space, and that Bunch of Grapes was staying put.  However, as Spring approached, I heard more and more convincing stories about the move, and it seemed as though it was true.  So of course I had to take a chance and write about.  If you missed it, check out  Is Bunch of Grapes About to Start a New Chapter in VIneyard Haven for more fun info.

Renovations inside

It was nice to have the story confirmed this week when I opened up the MV Timeson Sunday (I know I need to read it on Thursday), it is now official that the move is happening, and quickly!  Memorial Day weekend – whoohoo!  I have seen people working on the inside of the building for a while, but when did they install the new outside windows?  They look great – completely changes the look of the building, leaving me wanting to see more changes.  I can’t wait to see what the inside and outside looks like once it’s completed.  I am envisioning more greenery outside and of course outdoor seating (please – we need it so we can people watch and soak up that Vineyard Sun).   Also, I am so happy that it has been confirmed that you will be able to grab a coffee there!  I had heard this would be the case, and that it would be Waterside Market partnering with Bunch of Grapes to make this happen.  Not sure this is still going to happen, and I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Will the clock have a new home too?

Moving this iconic Vineyard landmark will be a big deal for both Islanders and Visitors.  It has been a favorite for decades and change can sometimes be tough here as many of us know.  However, I think this change will be good.  It will be nice to have everything on one floor.  The space will feel connected, and you’ll be able to keep an eye on the kids while perusing the Staff Favorites section.  Now we just have to wait for another month to experience the new Bunch of Grapes, and of course we need to figure out what will be going in the old space which is quite large!  Perhaps Midnight Farm?  Wouldn’t that be an intereting twist?

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