Love Martha’s Vineyard? Why Not Show Everyone With the Martha’s Vineyard License Plate

We’ve all seen the Cape and Islands license plates around, and they’re fine.

However, do you really think of Martha’s Vineyard when you see one? I certainly don’t. The lighthouse certainly doesn’t look like any of ours.

Cape & Islands License Plate Martha's VineyardDid you know that a Martha’s Vineyard Massachusetts license plate is in the works? That there is a contest happening right now that continues until the end of the month for what the image on our plate looks like?

Martha's Vineyard License Plate Design Supports Martha's Vineyard Community Services

Well, it’s true, and the search is on for the perfect image to capture the heart and soul of Martha’s Vineyard. So, if you’re an Island artist, whatever age, submit your picture and be on the license plates of thousands of cars!

The designs have to be at least 300 DPI, at actual size, and be submitted in a digital format. Then yours, along with all the other submissions will be judged by an esteemed panel of Islanders, including Duncan Ross, Carol Kolodny, Noreen Baker, Dan Waters, Renee Balter, Holly Alaimo, Chris Baer and more.

This is a big deal people! I like that there will be the option to have a license plate to show your love of this Island.

Nantucket is doing the same thing. Their design has already been chosen. It’s clear, concise and definitely Nantucket, and I love the idea that any car can be an Island car!

The Nantucket Plate

I can’t wait to see what ours looks like for the Vineyard. It’s tough to embody such a diverse place with one image, one that is recognizable, and translates well at such a small size. However, this Island is packed with talent, and I bet something amazing is created!

Why Get One? 

One of The Designs For Martha's Vineyard License Plate - Support Non-Profits

With these special plates, there is a fee of $40 when you register for them, and then an additional fee when registering your car every two years.

But here’s the good part, that money is then given to Island charities. So, the licensne plate not only reminds you of this glorious place, but money is going into community non-profits.

Martha’s Vineyard Community ServicesMartha's Vineyard Community Services Team is spearheading the contest for the license plate design. Wiet Bacheller brought the idea to the organization as a way to raise money.

Along with Wiet, who is a MVCS Board Member and the Development Committee Chair, Director of Operations and Community Relations, Nell Coogan and Mary Korba, Communications and Web Content Manager, are helping make the Martha’s Vineyard license plate become a reality.

License plate Design Submission Martha's Vineyard License Plate Supports Island Non-ProfitsA portion of the plate sales will go to MVCS and other Island non-profits. So, you can get all the specifics about the program, costs and of course, submitting your design on their website, click here to check it out.

Martha's Vineyard License Plate Design

There have already been a number of entries. Throughout this On Point, I shown some of them. All of the entries can be found on Martha’s Vineyard Community Services Facebook page.

So check them out, there are some good ones, and see if you might be able to come up with the winning design which will be chosen in February.

License plate submission

The license plates will most likely be made available around the Summer time, but one tricky thing is that 1,5000 have to be sold in order to have them go into production.

Shouldn’t be hard since thousands and thousands of people hold Martha’s Vineyard near and dear to their heart, why not on their car too?

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