Mangia Mangia On Main Street – New Italian Restaurant La Soffitta Opens In Vineyard Haven

La Soffitta Italian Restaurant Vineyard Haven Dining Martha's Vineyard

No matter what the season, I love Italian food. And, I love that you can get really good Italian food in Vineyard Haven at La Soffitta.

La Soffitta, which means “the attic,” can be found in the space that used to be home to Le Grenier. Though both names mean the attic, the restaurants could not be more different.

La Soffitta Italian Restaurant Martha's Vineyard Restaurants

As you walk up the stairs, where the walls are decorated with really cool wall paper, you know you’re about to go somewhere special, and you’re not disappointed.

La Soffitta Entry Way To Italian Restaurant Vineyard Haven

Greeted by a lovely hostess, you then enter the bar area which is very cool. The wood used from the bar is salvaged from an old ship, and the bar itself is a great place to grab a bite.

A friendly spot to grab a glass of wine or a beer and sample some great Italian food.

The bar area La Soffritta Italian Restaurant Martha's Vineyard Dining

There’s also a vintage shuffle board table which guests were enjoying, and a great little lounge area — which I’ll talk a little more about later in the story.

Shuffle Board At La Soffitta Vineyard Haven Italian Restaurant

Let’s talk about the decor. The walls are a light grey and the space is smartly decorated. Just enough detailing to make it nice, and let the space still feel open and a little cozy.

Cibo per l’Anima (Food for the Soul)

My friend Cameron and I were lucky enough to go to a preview night at La Soffitta. It was a gorgeous Thursday night and the restaurant was officially opening on Friday.

Our waiter Chris was very friendly and knowledgeable about the food. Poor kid, getting stuck with someone like me who asks a thousand questions.

Dining At Vineyard Haven's New Italian Restaurant La Soffitta

There wasn’t a menu to order from on this night, which I loved. It’s sort of like ordering the chef’s tasting and being surprised with every course.

I like a little surprise in my life, even if it’s only the mystery of what I’m eating.

Mussels At La Soffitta Martha's Vineyard New Italian Restaurant

First up was Applewood Smoked Mussels with fresh crispy bread. Being a fan of mussels, l loved these. The broth was smokey and complimented the perfectly cooked meat of the mussels.

House Salad At La Soffitta Italian Restaurant Vineyard Haven

Next we got to sample the house made Ciabatta which was so good, along with the house salad. The salad had kalamata olives, artichoke hearts, greens, and a wonderful house made balsamic dressing.

We really enjoyed the saltiness of the olives with the richness of the greens and all the other veggies.

Salmon Lemonata La Soffitta Italian Restaurant Martha's Vineyard

We then had Salmon Lemonata. Let me tell you that this dish was the highlight of my whole week in the food category. Cameron agreed.

The salmon was lightly seasoned and perfectly cooked, but those noodles, those light lemony, fresh, house made noodles were to die for. I have never had pasta with such flavor, let alone fresh pasta.

The fresh pasta is sautéed in lemon wheels, and that was all I could uncover from the chef. It was so, so tasty. I will go back for this dish again and again. Bravo Chef Anthony Carroll, you’ve captured my palate.

Chef Anthony Carroll La Soffitta Vineyard Haven Italian Restaurant

As if that wasn’t enough, we then were served the house meatballs. This combination of pork, veal and beef never tasted so good. The seasoning was spot on, not too strong but present.

Roasted red peppers, a little tarragon, these are not your mamma’s meatballs. Smothered in fresh sauce, they were so good. I could have eaten more of these.

La SoffittaBuon Dulce (Good Dessert)

Just when we thought we couldn’t go on, out comes dessert. A slice of Italian Wedding Cake that was as big as my head, along with salted caramel and espresso gelato.

What were we to do? Order another glass of Chianti for me and Pino Grigio for Cameron and dig on in.

Chris with our dessert At La Soffitta Italian RestaurantThe cake was light and fluffy and the frosting — which had coconut on it — was my downfall. And I can’t say no to salted caramel anything. With that said, I can say that even dessert was really yummy.

Italian Wedding Cake Dessert At La Soffitta Martha's Vineyard Dining Out

After dinner, we discovered that the velvet tufted sofa in the lounge area by the bar was beckoning us to sit and chat a bit more. We did just that.

Had a couple more laughs, took in the view from the second floor, enjoyed having such full and happy bellies, and just took a moment more to celebrate a great Summer night on the Vineyard.

Lounge area Of Vineyard Haven Restaurant La Soffitta

La Soffitta, a great addition to dining options not only in Vineyard Haven but on the Vineyard,  is open six days a week (closed on Tuesdays). Doors open at 5 p.m.

I heard that there will be a squid ink pasta dish on the menu. I bet that’s going to be a favorite. I guess I’ll have to go back and find out.

If you’d like to find out more La Soffitta before it opened its doors, you can read – Newest Italian Restaurant On Martha’s Vineyard Plans Summer Opening.

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