Martha’s Vineyard Breakfast With A View: Henry’s Restaurant In Edgartown Now Offers Breakfast Daily At The Harbor View Hotel

It’s not a mistake. I did not mean to write Lighthouse Grill or brunch. While they’re usually associated with mornings and the Harbor View Hotel, a Martha’s Vineyard breakfast now includes Henry’s restaurant. It’s now open for breakfast daily (even on Sundays until brunch). If you like going out for breakfast on Martha’s Vineyard, and I know I do, add Henry’s to your list of best breakfast spots.

When I visited, it was 7:00 a.m. Edgartown was peaceful and picturesque. As I got out of my car, I took a moment to take in the amazing view of the Edgartown Lighthouse before joining my friends for breakfast. You can’t help but feel good about your day after a moment like that.

The menu has lots to offer, including a number of lighter options. This is great, especially this time of year. Starting off with something healthy like the Super Food Acai, Greek yogurt, quinoa granola, flax seed and fruit. All this served together in a cool glass container, and it can be just what you need for your morning, especially after a night of burgers and hot dogs.

We came hungry and tried many different options. The House Smoked Salmon, which is served on yukon gold potato pancakes with creme fraiche, lemon and dill, was one of our favorite dishes. The potato pancakes were so light, the salmon so fresh, and the creme fraiche was light and creamy. This is not your grandma’s smoked salmon dish.

We also ordered the Sweet Potato Burrito which was packed with good stuff like beans, avocado, Cotija cheese and sausage. Of course, we had to get the housemade chorizo sausage, which added a nice little kick. Sweet potatoes in breakfast sandwiches seems to be a new trend, and I have to admit that I like it.

I selected the Multigrain Toast which has a perfect sunny farm egg (you can get yours more cooked if you like), smashed avocado, breakfast radish (very mild), and chef’s own pea shoots. This is a breakfast fit for champions. So many good things to power you for your day. Also, it was my first time having radishes on my breakfast. Thumbs up!

To share, we started with the Buttermilk Pancakes, which you also have the option of adding berries, bananas or chocolate chunks too, and of course, the fresh fruit assortment (a must). A side note – how have I not thought ordering these as a sort of breakfast appetizer before?!? You know everyone wants pancakes at the table, but might want a whole order. This satisfies that sweet tooth and allows you to focus on those savory dishes. There are a number of additional options, and there’s even a kids menu!

Chef Richard Doucette is a master in the kitchen. He is very passionate about his food, and about ingredients. He even grows a number of his own in his kitchen and in a small garden in the back of the hotel. In addition to this new breakfast menu, he is also debuting a new lunch and dinner menu for Henry’s and Lighthouse Grill.

Adding breakfast to the list of all that the Henry’s has to offer is such a great idea. The space is cozy and welcoming whether there are 10 people or 30 people. Also, enjoying that breathtaking view is always a good way to start your day. Add a delicious meal and your set for Summer success.

This side of North Water Street has some good food game this season!

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