Mini Golf at the Oak Bluffs Library – Martha’s Vineyard

For the second year in a row, the Oak Bluffs Library has hosted a Library Mini Golf fundraiser. How is this possible you might wonder? Well, a company, Library Mini Golf, comes in and designs and creates an actual 18 hole mini golf course in the library.

I had missed last year’s event, but was determined to go the Friday night event from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. which was for adults, 21 and up. On Saturday, the course was free and open to all ages.

On Friday night, it was $18 per person or $30 for a couple. For the entrance fee, you were able to play the 18 holes, have dinner, and a drink (beer, wine or soda). Not a bad deal if you ask me, and talk about something different to do on Martha’s Vineyard on a Friday night.

I didn’t really know what to expect for the mini golf. However, I have to tell you I was thoroughly impressed. The Oak Bluffs Library is a good size and both floors are used for the course.

The course started on the second floor with the Friends of Oak Bluffs hole. Each of the 18 holes had a name from a collection of books from the library, like Sci Fi or Mystery or DIY, and of course a par (most of which I did not meet).

In addition to a chance to play mini golf, there were some great silent auction packages for people to bid on. I bid on the Movie package which was full of Disney movies, popcorn and more, but sadly I did not win it.

A Challenging Course

Some of the holes were really challenging. I think the hardest was the fourth hole. It was the “Dummies Series,” the “How To Books.” How about a “How to Play Mini-Golf” for me? Supposedly par 3, but it took me 11 shots!

There were obstacles that challenged you at each hole.  There might be a stack of books or perhaps a book ramp or a book bridge you had to navigate.

All the holes were decorated by the library staff, and each hole was set up completely different. The way the course used almost the entire library space was amazing. No two holes even came close to looking the same.

Hole number 12 was a favorite. It started on the second floor of the library and the ball actually travelled down a tube to the first floor. My husband and I both got hole-in-ones on this one. It was fun to watch from upstairs to see where your ball went.

I also liked the 13th hole which had the theme, Island Author’s. I liked having to hit the ball around Susan Wilson, Holly Nadler, Tom Dresser and other authors’ books.

With playing 18 holes of pretty much well regulation mini golf and breaking midway for some drinks and food, we spent a good two hours at the event. There were a lot of people there, and it was getting more crowded when we were leaving. It was a mixed group — young and old had turned out to support the library. Everyone was having fun which was great to see.

The food was pretty good. Skinny’s Fat Sandwiches did the catering. There were fish tacos, gyros, veggies, different types of mac & cheese sandwiches and dessert. I liked the fish tacos, and I loved the dessert — mini trifles, yummy.

More Than Books

Library Mini Golf is a fundraiser that Library Director, Sondra Murphy found and thought would be great for the off-season, and she was spot on. It’s creative, interactive, different, and fun.

The novelty of being in the library playing golf and having a drink is pretty cool. Sondra and the library staff are really working hard to bring fun, different things to the Oak Bluffs Library. This is no ordinary library my friends, and this is definitely a FUN-raiser event!

If you missed this year’s event, don’t fret. You can go next year. I wish it was a bi-annual event, but it cost quite a bit to put on and is a lot of work for the staff. When you see it advertised next year, mark your calendar.

It’s fun enough to get a baby-sitter so you can go. Also, it’s early enough so you can go out afterwards like we did. Nothing wrong with a couple celebratory martinis at the Martha’s Vineyard Chowder Company.

Many others had the same idea, and it was fun to talk about how much we enjoyed the event. Oh, and in case you were wondering, my husband Matt won. He beat me by 8 points.

Fundraising For…a Mobile Library

The money raised from Library Mini Golf will most likely go to the purchase of a mobile bike library. There are these bikes that have a shelf unit attached to them, basically a traveling mini-library. Sondra is also writing a grant for the money for one of these.

I found a couple pictures of one from the Denver Public Library. The bikes are pretty neat, and I hope the Oak Bluffs Library can get one.

A library staff member would ride the mobile library at scheduled times to hot spots in Oak Bluffs like Ocean Park or Inkwell beach. There, people would be able to get books to read.

The library is constantly getting books donated to them, and this would be a way to use some of those books. People could borrow or keep the book, maybe even donate books of their own. I could really use this some days — like when you’ve finished your book and have nothing else to read. Don’t fear the library is here — well if you time it right.

This is another way that the Oak Bluffs Library is so much more than a typical library. Always thinking outside the box, and for ways to make the library come alive in our lives. Impressive my friends, keep up the good work. I love having a cool library.

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