New Home Of Bunch of Grapes Bookstore In Vineyard Haven

Martha's Vineyard Bookstore Bunch Of Grapes Bookstore Vineyard Haven When people first heard that Bunch of Grapes was moving from its location of over 40 years to the building across the street, there was a lot of skepticism.  How could they move this iconic Vineyard Shop people wondered?  Well, they did it.  Bunch of Grapes made the move in record time, and was in its new home for Memorial Day weekend, barely skipping a literary beat.

Vineyard Haven Bookstore Bunch Of Grapes New LocationThe new home of Bunch of Grapes is light and airy, and much easier to shop in, since everything is now on one floor.  The double French doors at the entrance are welcoming, and the new windows seem to let the light pour in.  Look to the left as you walk in, and you’ll see the ever-popular “staff picks” shelves.  

So much feels the same, but newer, fresher.  The walls inside of the building look like they were made to house books.  Every bit of the 3,000 square foot space is well used.  There’s even a great reading nook with comfy chairs and a stove near the center of the store, and it’s so nice to be able to find everything you need in one, open space.

Bunch Of Grapes Bookstore Martha's VineyardThere is still a wonderful children’s reading area which was being used by a couple of happy tykes enjoying their new books as I strolled through.  It is not as big, but there is still plenty of space.  The bonus of this new set-up is that you can now look at mommy and daddy things with the  kids close by.  No longer do you have to spend the entire trip to Bunch of Grapes hanging out in the kids section upstairs.

Bunch Of Grapes Bookstore Martha's VineyardThe rumor of coffee at Bunch of Grapes – is it true?  Yes it is.  Though not up and running as of yet, there are plans to have a little place to get coffee and other beverages there.  When you walk in the store, on the right, you’ll see a grey door.  Behind that is a working kitchen.  It’s in this area that they plan to have a little coffee shop.

So, grab that cup of joe and one of those comfy leather chairs, and settle in for a nice read on a rainy day, but we’ll have to wait until the Fall for this new addition.  I hope they also put tables and chairs outside in addition to the new benches.  A new book, coffee, and a great people -watching spot, what could be better?

So bravo to Dawn and the Bunch of Grapes team for a move well done.  Sometimes you don’t know how much better a place can be until you make a change.  I hope you enjoy the new space just as much as I did.

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