New Moon Magick Enchanted Chocolates Helps Save Christmas — Oak Bluffs Martha’s Vineyard

I woke up thinking that today was the perfect day for my annual trek up to Chilmark Chocolates for Christmas presents.  Imagine my surprise when I found out it was already closed for the holiday. WHAT! I get chocolates every year for my relatives.

Chilmark Chocolates Already Closed?

First of all, how can Chilmark Chocolates be closed already?  This weekend is going to be huge for shopping, and second, what was I going to do?  After all, this is part of my Christmas tradition, and I still have a lot to cross off my list.

New Moon Magick Martha's Vineyard Enchanted Chocolates Homemade Buttercrunch!

A Ray of Hope

Though some of us may not know this or remember, there are other places to get chocolate on Martha’s Vineyard during the holidays.  In my panic, I called New Moon Magik Enchanted Chocolates – it was 7:00 a.m., but they were going to be open.  Woohoo, I have a solution.

Home Yummy Chocolate - New Moon Magick Enchanted Chocolates Oak BluffsNew Moon Magick Enchanted Chocolates is in Oak Bluffs on Chapman Avenue, the same street as the OceanView.  Though right around the corner from my house, I have never been there before.  I have been so loyal to Chilmark Chocolates that I never needed an alternative.

Also, I have to say that I was a little hesitant with the name, New Moon Magick, but I needed chocolate and I needed it today.  So, it was time to for a visit.  I should mention that it’s also an antique shop.   A good combo if you think about it, you can grab some homemade chocolate and a great pair of vintage earrings!

New Moon Magick Martha's Vineyard ChocolatesOff we go.  Parking was easy, and New Moon Magick was easy to find. When I walked through the door, I immediately fell in love with some old buoys and an old nautical flag.  Also, there was a lot of cool vintage jewelry that was catching my eye.  I had almost forgotten why I was there, but got back on task.  There was a lot to take in, but the important thing was, there was chocolate.

Now let’s talk chocolate.  I was pleasantly surprised at some of the great finds at New Moon Magick Enchanted Chocolates.  Annie, who works there, was super helpful, since this was my first visit to the store.  She let me know that all the chocolate was 70% cacao chocolate.  That means it’s pretty pure and that much more tasty and even better for you.

The owner of the store, Kathleen Cowley, was in her house, right next door whipping up chocolate treats.  They’ve been pretty busy — in the store, selling at Cronig’s, and now with on-line orders.  The Enchanted Chocolates have also been voted 2012 Best Candy Shop on Martha’s Vineyard by Cape Cod Life Reader’s Choice, 2-years in a row.  I had no idea.  I guess I’ve been missing out on a little secret chocolate source for the past 7-years.

An Unique, Fun & Delicious Surprise

Homemade Chocolate & Oreos New Moon Magick Enchanted Chocolates Martha's VineyardThere were chocolate covered Oreos, fun Gingerbread-men and Christmas tree Peeps.  There were chocolate covered pretzels, a great assortment of candy bars, including the Martha’s Vineyard Sand Bar,  handcrafted design with decorative scallops on its corners and an outline of Martha’s Vineyard in it’s center, with a sprinkle of brown sugar for a sandy effect to remind you of a day at the beach. New Moon Magick Enchanted Chocolates Candy Bars Can you say score?

Ah yes, the perfect treat for those who love the Vineyard and chocolate.  Who doesn’t want to be reminded of a day spent in the sun with the ocean breeze at Long Point?  It makes me smile.  These homemade candy bars are  $6.00, and were the perfect solution to my chocolate conundrum.  There was also Pirate Food which is sea salt caramels!!  Arrgh delicious!  So many chocolaty options made it hard to choose.

Guinevere & Anderson Cramer Modeling the Mustache PopI also have to share with you my new favorite chocolate lollipop — it’s a mustache. My son Anderson may not have been amused, but I sure was.  Who is not going to laugh when they get one of these dapper little chocolate goodies?  Come to find out this design was made for a friend of mine, Amandine Surier-Hall’s wedding!  How much fun!  Now they are available at New Moon Magick Enchanted Chocolates year-round which is good to know because they’re so much fun!

Stop By – Yes, They Are Open This Weekend

So, other places are closed, no problem.  You can head to New Moon Enchanted Chocolates for delicious chocolate, much of which is made daily!  This Friday and Saturday, it will be open from 11:00 – 5:30.  So, you can even stop by after work.

The store will also be open on Sunday and Monday, My Husband's New Chocolate Favorites At New Moon Magick Enchanted Chocolates Martha's Vineyardbut I would give a call to find out the times, 508.693.8331.  I heard that there will be homemade, super chocolate hot cocoa for sipping while shopping on Saturday!

There’s also a special right now — for every half pound bag or box of chocolate you buy, you get a free lollipop. Hope they have lots of mustache pops!!  Happy Shopping!!

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I know so many people who went into panic mode…..glad to now Blue Moon Magick has quality chocolates as well as a great selection! I will absolutely put them in my list to visit this weekend! Thanks again for the heads up……love your blog!

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