Outdoor Furniture Trends For Island Homes with Sophia Brush Warren From Vineyard Decorators – Martha’s Vineyard

With longer, warm nights, I can’t help but want to be outside as much as possible, and that includes being in my own backyard! Outdoor living has changed a lot over the years, and there are countless options available to create whatever space you want.

Vineyard Decorators Interior Design Martha's Vineyard

From classic New England, to modern, to family friendly, we have some of the hottest trends around, and all of which are available on Island right at Vineyard Decorators.

Vineyard Decorators

If you haven’t been in a while, you should definitely stop by. You would not believe the collections they carry, with pieces that work with all budgets not to mention their design services (in store or at home) and all the local artists represented too!

Vineyard Decorators martha's vineyard

You can spend hours walking around, discovering fabulous new finds for your home, but today I am focussing on the outdoors! I met with Sophia Brush Warren to talk about all things outdoor living.

A Little Shade

What does every outdoor space need? Shade!!! One of the number one sellers is umbrellas, and with a range of prices, from a classic $200.00 table umbrella to a cantilever umbrella that cost several thousand dollars and everything in between, there is something for everyone here.

Vineyard Decorator's Martha's Vineyard

People want to enjoy their outdoor space and be comfortable at the same time. Shade has become an invaluable addition along with an opportunity enhance the overall design of the space. For Vineyard Decorators’ it’s the cantilever umbrella that is the win for 2019. With a design that works in most spaces, and a more extensive coverage, it’s the new sweet way to staying cool and comfortable.

Vineyard Decorators Outdoor trends Martha's Vineyard

Brining the Indoors Out

So we all know that there are outdoor rugs, but baby they’ve come a long way! Many of these indoor/outdoor rugs can look plastic-like, however at Vineyard Decorators you are going to be blown away by the outdoor rug selection.

There are ones for all design aesthetic, classic New England, Serena & Lilly, beachy and more. As I looked through the hanging collection, I could not believe how many of the ones featured would look good inside the house as well, and the level of durability is great for Summer and year round living.

Vineyard Decorators Martha's Vineyard Outdoor furniture trends

With these rugs, you can really add to your outdoor space’s sense of design. A classic plaid, a bold stripe, a simple woven, one with fringe, a Dhurrie inspired print – an impressive selection, and many of them could be used inside they are so attractive. You can’t even tell it’s an indoor/outdoor rug – think kid friendly, rental friendly.

Similarly, outdoor furniture has really taken on a more pleasing, comfortable design aesthetic. Most folks are no longer buying a table and four chairs and calling that their outdoor space. Now there are dining areas, lounge areas, fire pit areas – little rooms or vignettes outside or in three season rooms. You can get a feel for how great it can look with the Cove Road Project 3 season porch – design by Nina Hitchen of Vineyard Decorators pictured above.

As with everything at Vineyard Decorators, there is a good, better, best with outdoor furniture lines, and the there are so many different styles to choose from.

Pouf – Like Magic

One of the big trends Sophia has seen is the use of poofs. Poofs are great because of their versatility. They can used as an ottoman, a table, or additional seating, and come in all shapes and sizes.

Vineyard Decorators Martha's Vineyard Outdoor design

The show stopper poufs are definitely the one of a kind 727 Sailbags from France. Each one documents where the boat sailed with the sail used to create the pouf, and it even tells what type of sail it is. I just love everything about these.

Vineyard Decorators Martha's Vineyard

Night Light

Lighting is a huge component in creating the ideal outdoor space. From Sophia, “Not just your traditional bistro lights (which is like a little black dress and will never go out of style” but unique, conversation pieces like the Gloster Solar lanterns shown below.

Vineyard Decorators Martha's Vineyard

From ultra modern lanterns to the more traditional, lightening defines your outdoor space and has a big impact on the feel, just like with indoor lighting.

Vineyard Decorators Martha's Vineyard Outdoor Trends

Beach Lounge Areas – the Ultimate Outdoor Space

A new trend over the past couple years as been creating beach lounge areas for clients. Talk about the ultimate outdoor living space! Add couches and of course an umbrella for shade and UV protection, and you may never leave the beach.

Just imagine sitting here with your current favorite read, a soft throw if there is a breeze, living your best life.

Mixed Materials

It’s no longer just all wicker or all teak. Outdoor furniture designers have gotten on trend with indoor trends – mixing materials. This allows for a whole new feel for your outdoor space. Featured here is the Frances collection from Kingsley Bate. It’s so beautifully designed and crafted that it looks like an inviting outdoor living room!

Whether you’re looking for accessories, a piece of furniture or a whole new outdoor space, check out Vineyard Decorators. Sophia and her team can help you design a game changing outdoor living experience.


We had to highlight this hanging swing designed by Sophia’s brother and Vineyard Decorator owner, Whitney Brush. This is just the most amazing party swing we have ever seen! It’s enormous!!!!!!!!

Vineyard Decorators Martha's Vineyard

Whether you’re looking for accessories, a piece of furniture or a whole new outdoor space, check out Vineyard Decorators. Sophia and her team can help you design a game changing outdoor living experience.

Vineyard Decorators Martha's Vineyard

Author’s Note: Gloster, which Vineyard Decorator’s carries, is a line of teak furniture with a modern twist that is simply incredible. When I think of teak, I think of classic designs, quality and longevity. However, Gloster takes that quality and creates modern, elevated teak collections. This line is truly something special.

Vineyard Decorators Martha's Vineyard

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