‘Seas’ The Day Matey – Pirate Adventures On Martha’s Vineyard

Sea Gypsy X Pirate Adventures On Martha's Vineyard

Chances are if you’ve been to Oak Bluffs Harbor recently, you’ve noticed a pirate ship. Your eyes are not deceiving you. Indeed the Sea Gypsy X is about to set sail on pirating adventures starting this Saturday, everyday, all Summer long with Pirate Adventures – Martha’s Vineyard.

The Sea Gypsy belongs to Dockside owners, Jeremiah and Catherine McCarthy. Jeremiah’s family has owned the Dockside building for years, and last April, Jeremiah and Catherine bought it from them.

Pirate Adventures Martha's Vineyard What To Do Summer 2015

Once becoming owners, they were trying to figure out new ways to help generate additional revenue, a business that would be fun and different, and utilize the fabulous location.

Treasure Found

Treasure in the form of an idea that is. One day Catherine took their two kids and her mom over to Hyannis for the day on the Hy-Line. There she discovered Cape Cod Pirate Adventures. It was a pirate ship that took kids, big and small, out for a fully interactive pirate adventure.

Catherine could not believe how awesome it was — perfect for Oak Bluffs harbor. Families need more things to do in Oak Bluffs and this was a great solution. By May, Jeremiah and Catherine had contracted to have a pirate boat like the one in Hyannis built by H & H Marine in Maine.

Pirates In Oak Bluffs - What To Do With Families On Martha's Vineyard

The Sea Gypsy X is actually the 10th pirate ship H & H has built, though not all have remained pirate ships. I imagine that the Sea Gypsy X is going to be the greatest of all.

Pirate Adventure

What does Pirate Adventure – Martha’s Vineyard mean for aspiring pirates? Well, it’s a 90 minute interactive adventure.

Pirate Adventures Martha's VineyardYou sign in at the kiosk located inside the Dockside (by the Sweet Spot), then you move on to the Pirate Pit. Here kids get their face painted, get dressed up in pirate garb, and learn a couple key pirate phrases.

PIrate Adventures Oak Bluffs - Family Fun On Martha's VineyardThen all hands — ahoy — you board the Sea Gypsy X. Here the kids work to gather together and put together a puzzle that’s a treasure map. Then you set sail, out for open water where the adventure really begins.

Water Canon On Pirate Adventure Martha's Vineyard

The young pirates come across a boat that they think is abandoned but alas it is not – there is a mutinous pirate on the vessel. The pirates wage a battle with water cannons, and win of course, celebrating with some of the pirate’s grog (pink lemonade).

Pete's Grog Pirate Adventure Martha's Vineyard - Family Fun Activities Martha's VineyardAfter the win, it’s on to find the treasure which is located near Inkwell beach. Here the pirates work together to raise the treasure chest and enjoy their bounty. There really are fun little pirate prizes inside for these swashbuckling adventurers.

Pirate Adventure

The Sea Gypsy then heads back to the harbor with its treasure and tales of fun on the water, along the way singing pirate songs, dancing, doing the limbo, and enjoying the fresh salt air.

Captain Flint & Lady Pearl - What To Do With Families On Martha's Vineyard Pirate Adventures Oak Bluffs

Jeremiah is the Captain and goes by Captain Flint (from Treasure Island). Catherine is known as Lady Pearl. They and the entire crew are dressed to the nines in pirate outfits, and of course speak like pirates too.

PIrate Adventures Oak Bluffs Martha's Vineyard

Isn’t this such an awesome addition to Martha’s Vineyard for kids? Imagine the memories that families will make on this Pirate Adventure. So many kids and adults dream of being a pirate and for 90 minutes you can be just that. I can’t wait to sail on the Sea Gypsy X

Pirate Adventures opens Saturday, June 27th and will be sailing daily, several times a day. I’d check out the Pirate Adventures Martha’s Vineyard for the most up-to-date schedule.

It’s $32 per person, no matter what the age, and all kids must have an adult pirate on board. You can also get a Pirate pack, which includes a skull bandana, a foam sword and an eye patch, for $8 online or $10 in person. What a great souvenir for certain.

11231035_494240544061163_4488919192931536523_nYou get a lot for $32. A sail, an adventure, interactive play and more. I love this idea! The other day when I was walking to meet with Jeremiah to learn about Pirate Adventures, I saw so many kids walking with their parents, bored, looking for something to do besides shopping.

Here is the perfect solution — a Pirate Adventure! Get out on the water! Now there’s even more to do in Oak Bluffs with the family. We have movies, an arcade, the Flying Horses, bowling and now the chance to be a pirate.

Pirate AdventureI can’t wait to take my kids on the Sea Gypsy. You can bet it is going to be one of the highlights of their Summer, and probably mine too. Pirate Adventures creates the opportunity to experience something special, something fun, something you can do together as a family.

Pirate Advetnures

Author’s note: If you are an Island resident, you can receive 20% off your Pirate Adventure.

Thanks for reading On Point. You can book your Pirate Adventure at MVPirates.com and learn more about it on Facebook. Don’t forget to “Like” Point B on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, Linked In, Google+, Pinterest and YouTube.

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  1. This is the BEST thing to happen to the island, not just OB!!! I hope they have such success that they need to buy a fleet of pirate boats to keep up with the demand!

  2. This is a great idea but for families on tight budgets, I don’t see this being something they could do with their children – $32.00 per person is a bit steep… Good Luck –

    1. I agree that $32.00 is a bit pricey but there is a lot that is included with the 90 minute excursion. Also it’s a lot less than a sunset sail, chartered sail or fishing trip. It’s going to make for some good family memories I think.

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