The Bakery At The Grey Barn And Farm On Martha’s Vineyard

Ok, so we all know that The Grey Barn and Farm produces incredible cheese, not to mention their farm-fresh veggies and meat, but did you know that they also now have a bakery? And the Bakery at the Grey Barn is not only great, but it’s got a great story too.

The Bakery At The Grey Barn And Farm On Martha's Vineyard Freshly Made Sour Dough Boule Loaths

In this beautiful space, their baker, Christian Walter, brings his knowledge and passion for bread making to our shores. He was baking bread in Asheville, NC, but has been trying to come back home to Martha’s Vineyard to bake.

Grey Barn Bakery Master Baker Christian Walter Martha's Vineyard

The Bakery At The Grey Barn – Meet Island Baker Christian Walter

His sister lives on Slipaway Farm, and his mother is Island legend Jan Pogue, the owner of Vineyard Stories. Having his family here, he knew he was destined to be here.

Grey Barn Is Known For its Award Award Winning Cheeses Including Prufrock Martha's Vineyard Farm And New Bakery

Christian began talking with Grey Barn owners Molly and Eric Glasgow about adding a bakery to The Grey Barn’s offerings, and what goes better with cheese than bread! Well and a good wine too.

In 2018 they began designing the bakery. July 21st, 2019 it became official, and bread was sold on July 22nd. Christian plans to bake year-round, five days a week, maybe even six days a week in the Summer.

The Bakery At The Grey Barn – A Grain Above Others

The breads made at Grey Barn are versions of sourdough, based off the bread at Tartine – The Bakery in San Francisco. The breads are cold-proofed which means they are folded and rise slowly in the refrigerator in beautiful Brotform bread bowls. They are not kneaded and handled like bread usually is.

Sour Dough Loathes Being Proofed At the Bakery At Grey Barn And Farm Martha's Vineyard

The bakery’s breads are organic, using the best grains and flours for their ingredients. They are made from old world ingredients, and because of this, they are super edible.

Cold Proofing Sour Dough Breads At The Bakery At The Grey Barn And Farm On Martha's Vineyard

Not only are the breads fresh and delicious but people who are gluten intolerant can often eat this style of bread. The ingredients and the way it’s made harken back to a day when bread was healthy and had meaning in people’s lives – not just a mass-produced place holder for sandwich meat. The enzymes from the sourdough are actually good for your stomach’s health. I can attest to the validity of this – since I am one of those people who are sensitive to gluten and dairy in my old age.

The Bakery At The Grey Barn – The Edible Art Of Baking

Christian’s bread is made with care each day. His bread making is an art, a process. His attention to detail and ingredients and the process is remarkable. Each batch is unique. Each batch is Instagram worthy. For his loaves, the more brown on the edge, the better. The caramelization and flavor is at its peak. Each loaf is gorgeous in its own way. Truly the bakery at The Grey Barn is edible art, and the bread is an edible canvas for those who buy it.

Speaking of buying, here are the details. The bakery offers bread Thursday thru Monday. The breads vary but have a sourdough base. Somedays you may find English Muffins or even hamburger buns. Prices range from $8.50 a loaf to $13.00.

While there, aside from taking in the bucolic beauty of the farm itself, don’t forget to check out the farm’s other offerings, like eggs, veggies, and of course meat. The Grey Barn is such an Island gem and the bakery just makes us love this special place even more.

The Bakery At The Grey Barn – Bread CSA

The Grey Barn also offers a bread CSB — a bread CSA! The first one is in full swing but the next one is Monday, January 6, 2020 – Monday, March 30, 2020. Pick-up is on Monday, consists of two loaves, runs for 12 weeks and costs $200. Click here to sign up today (makes a great gift too – holidays are right around the corner).

English Muffins Croissants At New Bakery At the Great Barn And Farm Martha's Vineyard

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Author’s Note: On Friday, Saturday, Sunday, right at 10:00 a.m., Christian’s Croissants, chocolate + plain, hit the shelves and sell out quickly. Word on the street is that they are amazing! And be sure to give Scrappy a little love (one of their barn cats).

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