What Games Hogs Would Play at the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Fair

As a thirty-something, I get excited about the Martha’s Vineyard Ag Fair.  I can’t even imagine how excited kids are about it.  This year, my daughter Charlotte (Charly), who is 3, is really excited.

She knows there are rides, and animals, and cotton candy, and games, but she is most excited about the project she has been working on for about six months with her preschool, First Light.  And I have to admit that I am super excited to see the finished product

First Light has been entering projects since its first year back in 2005, and they have had their fair share of ribbon winning and honorable mentions.

Teacher Elizabeth Bonifacio has her students from the Toddler class and the Preschool class, help with the theme of the fair entry.  Working collaboratively throughout the entire process, the kids focused on the theme of this year’s fair “Hog Wild for the Fair.”

All the ideas were written down, and the children voted on which was the best direction to take their fair project.  The kids thought it would be fun to have a project that focused on what type of games pigs would like to play at the fair — ah, the creative juices from the five and under crowd.  Once the theme was decided, the kids made lists of the materials they’d like to use.  Then familes donated the items needed and it was time for the fun to begin!

Every Wednesday for  six weeks, was fair day, which meant our day at home began with “Today I get to work on my pigs Mommy,” which Charly was very excited about.The kids would spend a portion of their day working on the project.  Each child was involved, even those under two.  There was something for everyone to do, so they could be a part of the project.

The children worked in small groups using recycled laundry soap bottles, foam pieces, sand, marker tops, pipe-cleaners, pieces of cut up puppets, glue and googlie eyes, to create the “Hogs.” Other materials used were, rubber duckies, sticks, string, blocks, a table cloth, foam board, balloons, darts, tape, staples, markers and paper.
Through this project, my little girl really learned to use scissors.  I know that doesn’t sound like a big deal, but her coordination with the use of her hands has really improved, and these are just those little things that make her really proud, feeling like a “big girl” and it makes me proud too.
And just check out those little hogs. For Teacher Elizabeth, the hogs were the best part of the project. “The “Hogs” are very animated and WILD! Some special additions that the children came up with were rubbing the foam ears and noses in sand so they are rough, just like a real hog. Children really do pay attention to the littlest details, its amazing!”

What Games Pigs Would Play at the Ag Fair?

One of the most fun things about the fair are the games.  Not so much for me, even though I do like a little “Whack-a-Mole” now and then, but kids love to play the games.
Their eyes are wide  and their smiles are beaming and they’re bursting with pride over their accomplishment.  What kid doesn’t love those colorful stuffed animals at the fair?
Anyway, according to a number of little ones, pigs would like to play the Balloon Game, and of course, the Duck Game.  Both sound like fun to me.
A test of skill with popping balloons and trying to catch a sneaky rubber ducky.  Such an imaginative use of some ordinary items like old detergent bottles, and what a fun way to be a part of the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Fair.
I was able to meet all the First Light kiddos at 10 a.m. on Friday morning, and walk through the fair with them.
They were so amazed by all the animals and rides, but the best moment was when they saw their project displayed with the others in Junior Special Exhibit area.  Full of pride and accomplishment , it was pretty amazing to experience with them, and they won second place – whoohoo!
It’s these types of projects, how they get to be displayed and enjoyed by thousands of people, that makes me remember how special this place is.
How wonderful for these children to have the opportunity to spend the time creating and making something that they get to share and be proud of.  I love the teachers and schools on this Island!  How lucky these kids are!
In their (kids) words “I just want to play the games because they look so FUN!”   And that’s what the Ag Fair is.  It’s fun for kids big and small.  It’s a chance to squeal with delight on a ride, admire the strength of a skillet tosser, or the size of a cucumber grown on the Island.
You get to eat like a “hog” and not even care, after all it’s the fair.  Anything goes and for a while, it’s all about the fun.  I hope you have just as much fun as a 3-year-old this year!

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