Where to Enjoy Thanksgiving on Martha’s Vineyard

Thanksgiving is a time for gathering with loved ones, expressing gratitude, and savoring delicious meals. If you’re planning to spend this special day on Martha’s Vineyard, you’re in for a treat. The island offers a variety of dining and catering options that will make your Thanksgiving memorable. From take-out options you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home or in one of our Martha’s Vineyard vacation rental homes, to multi-course dine-in options that alleviate all of the stress of meal prep our local restaurants have you covered! We’ve got it all covered with our Where to Enjoy Thanksgiving on Martha’s Vineyard blog post

Thanksgiving Take-Out on Martha’s Vineyard: Black Dog Bakery Cafe

  • Menu: Black Dog Bakery Cafe’s Thanksgiving Dinner To Go features Fresh Herb-Roasted Turkey, Housemade Bread, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Yam Casserole, Green Beans, Sweet Corn, Turkey Gravy, Cranberry Relish, Fresh Dinner Rolls, and Bakery-made Pie. The food is picked up ready to serve and delicious. They have two different package options, with different sizes for the turkey and sides so you can get the perfect amount for your group. They also offer optional ready-to-heat sides that you can add on to feed even more people. View the menu
  • Price: Varies based on your choices, $350-$425.
  • How to Order: Place your order by Saturday, November 18th at 2pm by calling The Black Dog Cafe at (508) 696-8190.
  • Pick Up: Pick up on Thanksgiving Day between 11am and 2pm at the Black Dog Cafe.
Where to Enjoy Thanksgiving on Martha’s Vineyard Black Dog Bakery Cafe Take-Out Thanksgiving Meals
The Black Dog Bakery Cafe in Vineyard Haven offers a traditional Thanksgiving menu to-go. Photo courtesy Black Dog Bakery Cafe.

Thanksgiving Take-Out on Martha’s Vineyard: Black Sheep

  • Menu: Black Sheep’s Thanksgiving meal is the perfect choice if you’d like to dine at home and customize your meal! This Edgartown eatery offers a unique “build it yourself” Thanksgiving menu, including morning bread choices, delicious appetizers, main courses, over 10 side dishes, and desserts! View the menu
  • Price: Prices vary for each item.
  • How to Order: Call 508-338-7770 or email cateringsales@blacksheeponmv.com. Order before 4 pm on Tuesday, November 14th.
  • Pick Up: Wednesday, November 22nd (specific times available).

Thanksgiving Take-Out on Martha’s Vineyard: Scottish Bakehouse

  • Menu: If you have a Thanksgiving group with different dietary preferences, Scottish Bakehouse is the perfect choice for you. They offer a diverse Thanksgiving menu with options for soups, salads, sides, whole turkey or individual turkey portions, stuffed butternut squash, bread, and extras. They also have plenty of gluten-free and vegan options! View the menu
  • Price: Varies based on your choices.
  • How to Order: Call 508-693-6633 or email scottishbakehouse@gmail.com. Order by Monday, November 20th. 
  • Pick Up: Anytime until Thursday, November 23rd at 11 am.

Thanksgiving Take-Out on Martha’s Vineyard: The Larder

  • Menu: Looking for a tailor-made Thanksgiving meal experience? The Larder in Vineyard Haven is offering a unique range of options to curate your ideal Thanksgiving feast. They have an array of uncooked and cooked turkey choices alongside an assortment of sides, sauces, desserts, charcuterie appetizers, and bread. The best part? It’s all about fresh, local, field-to-plate goodness! The turkey selection goes beyond the ordinary; you can choose from a variety of uncooked turkey options from different farms, including the Heritage Black, believed to be the same breed the Pilgrims feasted on during their first Thanksgiving. The Larder prides itself on using sustainably grown and harvested vegetables and herbs sourced directly from their own farms—North Tisbury Farm and Whippoorwill Farm in West Tisbury. This dedication to locally sourced ingredients ensures peak freshness and a truly farm-to-table experience.
  • Price: Varies based on your choices. Turkeys are from $7.69 to $13.49 per pound. Sides are from $18-$38 to feed 3-4 people.
  • How To Order: Fresh birds need to be ordered by November 15th, and for fully cooked items you must place your order by November 18th.  For your convenience, The Larder provides an easy online order form
  • Pick Up: Uncooked birds are available for pick-up on Tuesday, November 21st, and Wednesday, November 22nd. All other menu items are ready for pick-up on Wednesday, November 22nd.
Where to Enjoy Thanksgiving on Martha’s Vineyard The Larder Take-Out Thanksgiving Meals
The Larder offers a unique and flavorful menu for your Thanksgiving feast. Photo courtesy The Larder.

Thanksgiving Take-Out on Martha’s Vineyard: Little House Cafe

  • Menu: This beloved Vineyard Haven spot is bringing you a traditional Thanksgiving dinner to enjoy at home. Choose from whole oven-roasted turkeys, stuffing, potatoes, butternut squash, roasted Brussels Sprouts, and more. Plus it would be Thanksgiving without pie! Little House offers apple, pumpkin, pecan, chocolate cream or banana cream, with gluten-free options too! 
  • Price: Turkey varies from $90-$130 depending on size, sides from $12 to $28 and pies from $33 to $35. 
  • How to Order: Call 508-687-9794 or order online at littlehousemv.com and place your order by 10 am on Tuesday November 21st. 
  • Pick Up: Between 11 am and 12 pm on Thursday November 23rd.

Thanksgiving Take-Out on Martha’s Vineyard: Pie Chicks

  • Menu: Looking to sweeten your Thanksgiving table with delectable pies and baked treats? Pie Chicks, a local gem known for their scrumptious desserts on the island, is the place to be. They have a diverse selection of pies and treats, with an impressive array of over 10 pie varieties. Whether you’re a fan of traditional flavors or seeking something adventurous, they have options that cater to everyone’s taste buds. Additionally, they offer gluten-free pies, quiches, and scones! View the menu
  • Price: The pies are quiches are $35, and the gluten-free pies are $38.
  • How To Order: For those who plan ahead, pre-orders are accepted from October 23rd to November 17th with their online form. However, if pre-ordering slips your mind, fear not! Pie Chicks promises an abundance of pies available for sale at the shop, making it hassle-free to snag some last-minute sweetness. Operating from Monday to Wednesday, 10 AM to 5 PM, and on Friday and Saturday from 10 AM to 2 PM, Pie Chicks offers a convenient window to pick up your delectable delights. Please note, they are closed on Thanksgiving Day.
  • Pick Up: The pickup timing is flexible, available at the shop on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday from 10 AM to 5 PM.

Thanksgiving Take-Out on Martha’s Vineyard: Morning Glory Farm

  • Menu: Looking for a hassle-free yet gourmet Thanksgiving meal? Morning Glory Farmstand offers an enticing “Thanksgiving to Go” menu, providing a delectable assortment of dishes made with care and quality ingredients straight from their own farm. From traditional favorites to vegan options and farm-grown centerpieces, this is a one-stop destination for a memorable Thanksgiving celebration. The menu highlights include turkey and gravy, mushroom and turkey stock, soup choices, vegetable sides, quiches, quick breads, pies, and yeast breads. They also have cheese platters and flower centerpieces with beautiful and fresh flowers grown right from the farm.
  • Price: Varies based on your choices. Turkey from $7.35 to $16.95 per pound. Sides are from $7.50/quart and up.
  • How To Order: Stay tuned to their website and Instagram for details!
Where to Enjoy Thanksgiving on Martha’s Vineyard Edgartown Meat & Fish
Edgartown Meat & Fish offers all the ingredients for a picture-perfect Thanksgiving meal. Photo courtesy MV Sea Salt.

Thanksgiving Take-Out on Martha’s Vineyard: Edgartown Meat & Fish

  • Menu: Edgartown Meat & Fish is the place to go to pre-order your fresh Misty Knoll Thanksgiving turkey! Naturally raised on a spacious farm, these farm-fresh Vermont birds are some of the finest naturally raised turkeys available! Shop the market for ingredients for your favorite sides or choose from one of their prepared salads and many delicious accoutrements.
  • How to Order: Visit the market or call 508-627-6200.

Thanksgiving Take-Out on Martha’s Vineyard: Beetlebung Farm

  • Menu: Beetlebung Farm in Chilmark is excited to be able to offer their friend and longtime island farmer Jefferson Munroe’s beautiful GOOD Farm pasture-raised turkeys again this year … and they hope to keep that island connection going! Since his move from Martha’s Vineyard 18 months ago, Jefferson has expanded his poultry offerings and Beetlebung is happy to announce that they will have more turkeys this year! Turkeys ares estimated to be between 10-20 lbs each. All turkeys are raised on pasture, will be processed in late November and will be frozen.  and with a choice of pick up on either Monday or Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Please fill out the order form below to request your bird(s). The form has all the information – cost, sizes, pick-up dates, confirmation, etc etc – please read it carefully. 
  • Price: Turkeys are $11/lb
  • How to Order: Fill out the order form here
  • Pick Up: Monday, November 20th or Tuesday, November 21st. 

Thanksgiving Take-Out on Martha’s Vineyard: Vineyard Grocer

  • Menu: Vineyard Grocer has everything you need to prepare a tasty Thanksgiving dinner, and some of the freshest produce on the island! They have a special offer on “Turkeys For-You-Cook” until November 1st as well as various Thanksgiving special combos including stuffed roasted turkey with gravy, baked salmon with asparagus, roasted picnic shoulder, roasted sirloin cap with rustic potato, roasted chicken with crumbs, and of course, pie! 
  • Price: Combos start at $149.99 for 5 people, roasted stuffed turkey with gravy $99.99 each. 
  • How to Order: Call 508-693-2000 or order online at shop.vineyardgrocer.com 

Thanksgiving Dine-In on Martha’s Vineyard: Bettini, Harbor View Hotel

  • Menu: For the ultimate festive and fancy holiday, enjoy your Thanksgiving meal with a view of Edgartown Harbor and Lighthouse at Bettini Restaurant at the Harbor View Hotel! You will be served a four-course dinner featuring smoked Atlantic salmon, roasted figs, butternut squash bisque, various entree options, and a selection of family-style sides and desserts. View the menu
  • Price: $140 per adult, $70 per child (12 and under).
  • Seating Info: Reservations required. Available from 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM (last seating).
  • How To Reserve: Call (508) 627-3761 or email Bettini@harborviewhotel.com to make a reservation.
Enjoy a Thanksgiving feast and sweeping views of Edgartown harbor at Bettini Restaurant. Photo courtesy Bettini Restaurant.

Thanksgiving Dine-In on Martha’s Vineyard: Black Dog Tavern

  • Menu: Enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal with a view of Vineyard Haven Harbor. The meal includes everything you could want; turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, green beans, gravy, cranberry relish, rolls, and a choice of homemade pie. View the menu
  • Price: $75 for adults, $35 for children 12 and under.
  • Seating Info: Reservation only, with seatings at 12pm, 2pm, and 4pm on Thursday, November 23. Each seating is limited to 90 minutes.
  • How To Reserve: Call 508-693-9223 to reserve your spot.

As Thanksgiving approaches on Martha’s Vineyard, the culinary scene comes alive with an array of flavors and options, ensuring a memorable and delightful celebration for all. Whether you opt for a fully prepared meal, select a customized assortment, or simply desire the perfect dessert, the diverse offerings from the local restaurants, markets, and farms encapsulate the spirit of the season. Embrace the convenience, quality, and local essence of these culinary treasures and enjoy Thanksgiving without the hassle. Here’s to a holiday filled with gratitude, togetherness, and the shared delight of exceptional food and a delicious Thanksgiving on Martha’s Vineyard!

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