Winter Fun on Martha’s Vineyard

So I was supposed to be writing about an awesome Islander today, but I am completely distracted by my activity of the day – sledding!  Hercules was gracious enough to actually produce enough snow to enjoy, and it was awesome.

Friday was way too cold for my little ones to stray far from home, and Saturday I had to work, so we waited until Sunday to go sledding. After a big breakfast of pancakes and bacon, one must be prepared to handle the cold you know, it was time to hit the hills.

Where to go? The traditional Tashmoo Overlook in Vineyard Haven? Perhaps the hill by Sunset Lake in Oak Bluffs since we were sledding with little kids? Maybe Sweetened Water Farm in Edgartown (thanks Tina Miller for that one)? Nope, we decided to try a different place. The exact location I cannot tell you. You kind of have to find out on your own, and I told people I would not mention it by name.

We bundled up in our snow attire, put some hot cocoa in the thermos and we were off. We got to the spot early, around 10 a.m. It was perfect. There were only a couple of other families there, and the sun was peaking though the clouds, and the view was worth a couple million dollars at least.

I took a minute to take it all in.  The smile on my daughter and son’s faces, the laughter from other kids and their parents, the view, the fresh air.  I realized that these are the times I will never forget.

I grew up sledding.  After all, upstate New York got a lot of snow. Plus, I had a big hill right behind my house. It took all of one run down the hill to make me think of simpler times when I spent my days freezing with my dad or friends. Tobogganing for hours, going home bruised and exhausted and happy.

I get to relive some of these memories and create new ones with my family now. This was one of those ah-ha moments. I get that these are special times.

Soon, there were lots of people there to go sledding. It was fun to see so many friends and their little ones there. I love that my daughter got to go sledding with her friend, Declan. Just the two of them, yelling with delight as they flew down the hill, pure childhood joy.

After a couple of hours, the kids were done. Exhausted. It was great! Time for hot cocoa which is a new addiction for my kids, lunch, and then nap – dreaming of snow and friends. This morning left my hubby and I feeling pretty good as parents. Hours of fun, exercise, family time, friend time, and it cost us nothing.

People wonder what happens when the holidays are over on Martha’s Vineyard. When more businesses close and the grey days out number the sunny days – this is what happens. We go sledding or cross country skiing or ice skating or snow shoeing or have dinner parties or silly movie nights. We spend time with those who are important to us. It’s kind of awesome and definitely special.

FYI – I went to Tashmoo later that same day and the snow was pretty much well gone. The same with Sunset Lake. Seems as though we picked a good spot to hit the hills.

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