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BeeDee's Oak Bluffs Healthy Food To Go Martha's VineyardI hate to say it but sometimes you have your fill of pizza, burgers, and fried food when you’re on the go during the summer.

So, I was happy to visit BeeDee’s in Oak Bluffs. BeeDee’s, though it has seating, is a new panini place with a focus on providing good food fast to go. Where is BeeDee’s? It’s where Pirate Jacks Burger Shack used to be. Though sad to see the pirate gone, BeeDee’s is a great addition to Oak Bluffs. Bee Dee's Menu Board Oak Bluffs

The space is bright and inviting and totally unlike anything on the Vineyard. You walk in, head to the right and you’re greeted by your order taker who is using a nifty iPad. When I went it was Zach. He was happy and helpful, since I needed a hand in creating my  lunch.

Fresh Food Fast Just for You

Me need help with food? Yes, it does happen on occasion. The concept of BeeDee’s is to build your own sandwich, sort of like Chipotle but with more options. Ordering at BeeDee's

There are four steps to creating your sandwich here. Start with your bread from which there eight to choose, including a gluten-free option. Then move on to picking your veggies where there are eight grilled options and a number of fresh ones as well. Step one at BeeDee'sThen you can pick your cheese. You don’t have to add this to your sandwich but I think cheese makes everything better. There are seven to choose from so you might be tempted.

Then it’s on to condiments and greens. This was where it got a little tough for me with so many yummy options. What direction to take my sandwich? Spicy with Sriracha? Classic with BBQ?

You can also add a little protein like chicken, steak, or shrimp. Want to beef it up vegetarian style, add grilled portobello. step 4 at BeeDee'sYou can even make it more amazing by adding any number of special additions, many made at BeeDee’s, like horseradish marmalade, pineapple mango salsa, or quinoa tabolleh. What an adventure building your sandwich right?

Now to make it truly amazing, turn it into a panini by having it pressed and warm. Don’t forget to mention that at the end. What did my sandwich look like? I choose cibatta with eggplant, brussel spouts, provolone, baby spinach and to give it a little something, I added the housemade chipotle mayo – which was outstanding by the way. I loved my sandwich.Come on, it had brussel prouts on it – one of my all time favorite foods. Guinevere's Bee Dee's Sandwich

I feel like you can go to BeeDee’s everyday all summer and not have the same thing twice. Aside from the sandwiches/paninis, there are also salads that you can customize as well. The ingredients looked great, especially using housemade cilantro lime vinaigrette, but I wanted a big ole sandwich.

BeeDee'sSignThere are also breakfast sandwiches available! Think French toast with eggs and bacon and syrup as a panini!

The Sweet Side of BeeDee’s

I was also tempted by the sweet paninis. A whole list of dessert paninis at your disposal. I am weak and therefore had to get one. It’s for research after all. Sweet Paninis at BeeDee's

I got the Lemon Pound Cake panini. Imagine two slices of fresh lemon pound cake with raspberry preserves grilled on panini press, then topped with vanilla bean ice cream and mixed berry compote. It was delish!

Next time I think I am going to try the Sweet Roll panini. I’ll give you a hint, there’s Nutella and banana. SweetPaniniSignOh, and I have to do a quick mention of the fact that this place is good for kids. Of course you can make them a sandwich but there’s also a kid’s menu that you’ll full good about choosing from. You can even get apple slices as a side or keep the chips which come with all sandwiches.

No Need to Leave the Beach

BeeDee's Beach Bike

If you’re at Pay or Inkwell Beach in Oak Bluffs, you can actually get BeeDee’s delivered right to the beach. BeeDee’s has it’s own app for your smart phone but let’s be serious, people dial down here and most call in their orders.

Deliveries are made four times a day, so you just pick the time that works for you. How great is this! All you need to do is call. No need to spend 20 minutes of precious beach time making and packing sandwiches.

Behind the Scenes at BeeDee’s

BeeDee’s is the vision of partners Barbara and Danielle, hence the name BeeDee’s. Both have been coming to Vineyard of decades, and have even lived here year round for a stint or two.

Frustrated with the lack of fresh food fast options, especially in Oak Bluffs, Barbara and Danielle decided the time was finally right to open a restaurant that filled the gap they saw. Making sandwichesEvery sandwich made at BeeDee’s is made to order with fresh ingredients, and they make a number of things in house. You can eat as healthy or as less healthy as you want. You decide. The concept is to make the customer the best sandwich ever, which is possible, since it’s your own creation. Barbara - co-owner BeeDee's

I got to meet Barbara when I stopped by. She’s a sassy Italian who loves food and loves the Vineyard, a great combination. She’s also a trained chef and has a restaurant background, so she’s really enjoying her job, and the view.

She can see the water and watch summer pass by from the restaurant. Barbara is living here, working in BeeDee’s daily with visits from Danielle when she can get away from work in Maryland. BeeDee paniniBoth Barbara and Danielle want to keep BeeDee’s open as long as they can, and really become a part of the Island community. So if we keep them busy, maybe we can push for Columbus Day or even beyond! BeeDees is open daily from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

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