In the Heart Of Edgartown Village, Rosewater, A New Village Market On Martha’s Vineyard

RosewaterBack in the 1800’s there was a market on South Summer Street in the heart of the village of Edgartown. Imagine walking in, seeing your neighbors, catching up on the latest happenings, all while getting the freshest milk, local eggs, or perhaps some sugar. Now, imagine doing that today, in the same location at Rosewater Market & Take Away. Tina, Julia and RachelRosewater will be opening in June. This new addition to Edgartown will offer you the convenience and joy of an in-town market. The creation of Islander Tina Miller, life long Summer Girl, Julia Celeste, her father Christopher Celeste and Nancy Kramer, and new addition to the Island, Rachel Fox, this market is going to be a game changer for this iconic Island town. Oh you might see Millie the Lab around town too.

What’s In-Store

RosewaterRosewater will be part market, part takeaway as the name says. When you walk in, you will be greeted by a market with shelves stocked with staples and some incredible artisan foods, including a number of Rosewater’s own products. I can’t wait to see what goodies are in-store for us! Here’s a look at the space while under construction. You can get an idea of how Rosewater will feel — light, welcoming, and with a nod to its historic roots. The market of RosewaterTo the right, there will be a beautiful counter with cases filled with amazing food. Beautiful pasties and fresh breads from the baker of the group, Rachel, who was the baker at Behind the Bookstore when it first opened. Where the counter will be There will also be a selection of sandwiches and prepared foods unlike any other on the Island, created by the amazing, inspiring, chef, Tina Miller. Tina gave me a couple photos of the recipes she’s working on and just looking at them made me hungry because you know everything is going to be so good. Tina'sChickenThe selection won’t be huge and commercial feeling, but rather thoughtful, crafted with care and attention to details. You can also get coffee and tea and fresh juices. brusselsThere will also be space for seating. You can enjoy your food and beverage and relax in the beautiful space, soaking in the sun coming in through the bay window. Catch up with friends, find out town happenings, people watch or just enjoy the moment. It’s going to have a great, easy feel. It’s all take away, no service, so you can come and go as you need. Seating space at RosewaterRosewater will be open seven days a week starting in June, and stay open year-round. Having a market and place to grab take-out right on South Summer Street will be just plain awesome. Think about it. Edgartown serves many different communities, the town community, the summer community, and the year-round community, and Rosewater will be a great, much needed addition to all these diverse populations. RosewaterThe location is perfect. Parking next door, right off of Main Street, a light and airy space, Rosewater opening is a big deal.

The Building

As mentioned, it was a market years ago. Partner Julia is definitely the historian of the group and if you see her, be sure to ask her about the space. She is also going to manage the store. Her energy and enthusiasm is even greater than mine. With her skills, the amazing bake goods (and juices) that Rachel makes, and Tina’s extraordinary food, a gorgeous space, a great location. Rosewater is going to make Edgartown a more complete town. Rosewater MarketThe buildings have been completely renovated. The original market space that used to house Very Vineyard most recently and the newer building next door are connected and have a seamless flow. The buildings that used to be in back are gone and a brand new state of the art kitchen is being built. There will also be space for a Rosewater garden, so they can grow some of their own produce and herbs. Keeping things local is important to all three of these ladies. The new kitchen spaceThe entrance is going to be beautiful and will look quite different than it does now. The building itself will flow with the other historic buildings in town, and the front will be beautifully landscaped, making it a welcome spot for a quick bite or a place to grab dinner or something for a gathering. The entrance An added bonus is that there will also be outside seating. Watching the hustle and bustle of Main Street, surrounded by beautiful plants, with the quiet of South Summer Street sounds just perfect on a summer morning. I’m excited that they will have wi-fi, so I can enjoy Rosewater while I work – whoohoo!

Rosewater Market & Take AwayWhat’s In A Name

I bet you, like me are wondering why they chose to name the market Rosewater, and of course there’s a good reason behind it. GodBlessYouMrRosewater(Vonnegut) God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater, by Kurt Vonnegut, was the inspiration for the name. Mr. Rosewater was the black sheep of his wealthy family, and he escaped to a little island, where he gave away his fortune, and the message is be kind. Rosewater is embracing the be kind notion. Be kind to the community, be kind to each other, be kind with our foods and an added bonus from the story – be unexpected. I think we’ll all be surprised with some of the things will find at Rosewater.

Now I am slightly in love with the name Rosewater – it’s so not in your face Martha’s Vineyard but so Vineyard at the same time. Clever indeed. Also, when giving props to the name, I have to say I also like the Rosewater logo a lot, and there will be a couple different versions since they will be offering their own prepared foods, pantry items, and eventually catering (for small events). Rosewater logo for prepared foodsWhen Rosewater opens its doors this summer, you bet we’ll do a follow-up On Point blog. This is going to be a place that I think the whole Point B team will be visiting. After all, it’s going to be our new village market. Thanks for reading the On Point Blog. You’ll be able to learn more about Rosewater Market & Take Away on Facebook soon. And speaking of social media, don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter, Linked In, Google+, Pinterest and Youtube. BOV-300x350Also, voting has begun for Best of the Vineyard 2015 and will continue until April 5th. We’d love your vote for Best Real Estate Company! We did it last year with your help and we’d be honored if you’d vote for us again. You don’t even have to fill out the survey!

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  1. Great to see the a new and exciting business coming to Edgartown. If by chance they have not done a sign and need a great sign please pass on my interest in doing on for them. I enjoy your posting of the businesses on the Vineyard.

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