Nisa Mars Handmade Clothing With A Purpose On Martha’s Vineyard

The name Nisa Mars Counter is synonymous with fitness and healthy lifestyle on Martha’s Vineyard. For 34 years, she has helped people become a healthier version of themselves, empowering people to create the lives they want.

Nisa Mars Clothing Line Martha's Vineyard

For her whole life, she has been vegan. It was a lifestyle she grew up with. Long before it became a trend or a diet to have a plant-based lifestyle, she was living it. Early on she was aware of the importance of the food she ate, the products she used on her skin/hair, the impact she had not only on her health but on the world.

Nisa Fit Martha's Vineyard fitness, wellness, health, lifestyle

Nisa is not only committed to fitness and being vegan, but she is channeling other strengths and passions as well. She has created her trifecta, NisaFit (fitness, wellness, health, lifestyle), Nisa Mars (design, lifestyle), and Evolutionisa (vegan food, information, lifestyle).

Nisa Mars Designs Martha's Vineyard

All three of these are what makes Nisa — one creative, dedicated, driven person. Each one of her passions has a dedicated outlet, making her one happy, productive lady. For Nisa, it is all about creating beautiful things, beautiful bodies, beautiful design, surround people with beauty.

With constant inspiration from the beauty in the world in which she surrounds herself, both here on Martha’s Vineyard and in South America, she is bursting with creative ideas and how to better the world.

Nisa Mars Clothing Line

Nisa Mars Clothing Designed On Martha's Vineyard

Nisa Mars is her clothing line. This handmade collection of one-of-a-kind pieces is made here on Martha’s Vineyard with ethically sourced goods. For Nisa, animals are not food. They are living creatures, sharing this journey with us. This journey should not consist of being treated cruelty for the sake of fashion, but rather can have quality lives and still provide people with things they need.

Last year, Nisa partnered with her husband, Benjamin Ramsey’s mother, Betsy Ramsey, an incredible knitter, to help bring her fashion creations to life. Nisa designs and Betsy knits, working together to bring an incredible collection of handmade knit hats to select stores on Martha’s Vineyard. What an incredible mother-in-law, daughter-in-law bond to share.

Nisa Mars Pomhawk Knit Hats

Pomhawk Knit Hats By Nisa Mars Martha's Vineyard

Easy to spot, with their gorgeous colors, fun pompoms and incredible quality of knit style, this year the collection has grown. Not only will you find Nisa’s signature Pomhawk hats, but there are also incredible ponchos available, both of which can be found at the Green Room in Vineyard Haven.

Thinking to yourself that a Pomhawk hat might be a little edgy for you like I did? Not to worry, each pompom, which is handmade, faux fur upcycled fur, can be removed and placed anywhere on the hat. You can have a single pompom, two pompoms, or go for the Pomhawk. The orange in this year’s collection is a particular favorite of mine.

Nisa Mars Pomhawk Knit Hat Orange Martha's Vineyard Fashion Design

So, you can go as classic or as edgy as you would like with a Nisa Mars’ hat. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, made with sheep and man-made fibers to retain shape and durability. The wools are sourced from small farms in Russia, Ireland, Scotland, Peru, and Canada. When you buy a Nisa Mars hat, you are not only buying a beautifully crafted piece of art, you are supporting several small businesses.

Vintage Dutch Copper Coins In Nisa Mars Pomhawk Knit Hats

Another interesting design note I have to include is that coins hold each pompom in place. These coins are vintage Indonesian one cent patina copper coins from the 1930’s and 1940’s, and have a Nederlandsch Indie inscription inside. The Dutch were in control of the Netherland East Indies until 1942. Nisa is Dutch and was born in the West Indies. This fun little trademark is a nod to her heritage and childhood.

Nisa Mars Ponchos

Nisa Mars Poncho Designs Martha's Vineyard Fashion

The ponchos are so beautiful, with wonderful colors. The newest poncho line is inspired by Nisa’s gardens. She is particularly fond of orchids. When I stopped by the Green Room to see the new line, I have to admit that I was really impressed with the quality and beauty of each individual piece. The time, the attention to detail, the beautiful materials used. Nisa Mars pieces are heirloom pieces.

Nisa Mars Fashion Designs Poncos Available At Green Room Vineyard Haven Martha's Vineyard

What fun it was to try on Nisa Mars’ creations with the owner of the Green Room, Elaine Barse and her co-worker Belinda Ritchie. We all agreed that Nisa Mars is a great addition to the store. You will look good and feel good in Nisa’s designs.

Nisa has made it part of her life’s work to give people the opportunity to do good in this world, whether it’s physical wellness, internal health or wearing something that is ethically sourced. It is amazing the reach and impact one person can have when she shares her passion.

Nisa Mars Clothing Line At The Green Room Martha's Vineyard

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