The Chilmark Gallery – Making Up Island Even More Colorful – Martha’s Vineyard

At the end of March, Lure Fish artist, Abraham Pieciak and painter Brandon Newton opened the Chilmark Gallery. Located near the Chilmark Tavem, this gallery is impressive.

Chilmark Gallery Martha's Vineyard

Abe and Brandon are renowned Island artists in their own right. As you can imagine, you can find their work in the gallery.

Chilmark Gallery

Brandon’s paintings are captivating and colorful. He brings so much vibrancy to Island images. His use of color and light draw you in, allowing you to get lost in his interpretation.

Chilmark Gallery Marthas Vineyard

Many of Abe’s pieces are one of a kind. You will find his fan favorite Lure Fish prints, and also his three dimensional art pieces. These pieces are made from materials he finds along the beaches of the Island.

Chilmark Gallery Marthas Vineyard

In his studio, also up Island, I have been lucky enough to see a number of his three dimensional pieces. They are fascinating. The way Abe is able to take scraps and discarded material and make something cool is really quite remarkable.

The Chilmark Gallery

The gallery itself is warm and inviting, spacious and well lit. In addition to Abe and Brandon’s work, you will find several other artists work. They carefully selected the artists, to share the space including Russel Carson (glass), Heather Goff (pottery), Brad Tucker and Liz Rangone (woodwork), Laurie Robertson (Abe’s mom and handmade bags), Clay Edwards (jewelry and copper work), Zach Pinerio (MV wood bowls) Gary Demers (legendary, Abe’s description, wood carver), Wil Sideman, and Merv Rubiano (fishing lures).

There will be more artists joining this impressive list, and most likely even some special guests over the Summer. Abe and Brandon want to have a gallery that is fun and lively, a place that people gather and celebrate art and what these incredible artists create. Whether you’ve come right off the fishing boat or your dressed to the nines, heading to a wedding, this gallery is for you, a gallery that has been designed to make everyone feel at home.

The Story Behind the Gallery

Abe had been thinking about a gallery. He had seen the space a couple of years ago, but the timing just wasn’t right. This past Summer, Abe sold 5 large pieces of art. It was a good season for him. The idea of a gallery was definitely possible. He then heard that the space he wanted was available, and finally the timing was right.

The gallery space was secured, and then Abe ended up getting a partner. A couple of days after getting the space, he saw Brandon painting next to Karsten Larsen’s sushi shack. Abe has always been a big fan of his paintings. As he was driving by, he beeped and yelled “Looks Good Bud.” The rest is sort of a blur for them both.

When you see Brandon and Abe at the Chilmark Gallery, it’s like seeing two good friends. They laugh a lot and seem to work well together. Cleary their partnership is something special, just look around the gallery.

They have curated an amazing gallery, highlighting so many remarkable Island artists. One that is full of beautiful and interesting art. Art that fits every budget. Art that speaks to your heart. Art that speaks to your soul.

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The Chilmark Gallery

Author’s Note: If you stop by the Chilmark Gallery, be sure to check out this glass bucket. For some reason, I really liked this piece. I see this type of bucket used by contractors, fishermen, etc. but here it is as a piece of art.

Chilmark Gallery Martha's Vineyard

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