Dilly’s Taqueria – It May Be Small But It Serves Up Darn Good Mexican Food – Oak Bluffs

In June, Dilly’s Taqueria opened it’s doors, a huge gamble considering Summer was in already in full swing. However, Dilly’s has been a hit since day one!

Dilly’s, the nickname of his daughter, Dillon, has become quite the talk of the town. With a attention to detail, a love of Mexican food, and good ingredients, Dilly’s has become a go to for takeaway in Oak Bluffs. You can also dine in if you choose.

Dilly’s has three main options for your base meal – rice bowls, burritos, and tacos. The best thing is that you get to customize your meal. Choose your protein, there are vegetarian and fish options, and then make the magic happen. From Sriracha Aioli to housemade pickled onions to fresh roasted corn, you can build your dream taco. Pictured here is the Pulled Pork taco, note the Queso Fresco cheese – yum! You get two tacos for $10.99 but you do have to pay extras for some of the fixings.

For burritos, it’s the same thing but you get to add even more, choose your rice, beans, cheese, sauce and add  yummy things like roasted sweet potatoes or mushrooms.

When I stopped by, can’t believe I waited until September, I opted for a rice bowl. A friend of mine, Hannah, you might also know her as the fun pirate, Coral from Martha’s Vineyard Pirate Adventure, was working and suggested I get a rice bowl. She is big fan of them, but I had to get the yellow rice. Though brown is healthier, the yellow is tastier and more authentic.

So I took her advice. I got the Roasted Veggie Bowl with sweet potato, pickled onions, sautéed kale, black beans, mushrooms, and of course Queso Fresco. It was a big portion and really good. How awesome to have a healthy alternative on Circuit Avenue for takeaway! It’s easy to find big ole sandwiches and fried food, but not necessarily healthy.

Dilly’s Taqueria is not only delicious and uses fresh ingredients, but because you can customize you food – it can be as good or “bad” as you like.

Speaking of fresh, I was intrigued by the housemade Fried Corn Tortilla Chips. There are a couple flavors, Chili Lime, Tomato Cilantro or plain. I asked Hannah if I could try one. However, as the first customer of the day, non had been made yet. They are fried fresh each day! YUM! I ordered a side of Chili Lime, and let’s just say there is no substitute for fresh tortilla chips. I liked the chili lime seasoning, but could have used a little more in my opinion. I saved the leftovers for my husband who also really enjoyed them.

There are daily specials, and you can ofter find Mexican Street Corn and Churros as options as well. When you stop by, you may even want to grab a t-shrit. Dilly’s logo is pretty cool, and their tag line, “tacos and tan lines” is definitely fun.

Dilly’s is open for the Fall Wednesday – Monday (closed Tuesday) from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and will be open at least through Columbus Day.

How about Oak Bluffs stepping up its lunch (and dinner) game this Fall! With Dilly’s and Sea Smoke both offering lunch as easy takeaway, there are even more reasons to come to town. An added bonus is that parking is a lot easier now.

You can learn more about how Dilly’s Taqueria came to be by reading Martha’s Vineyard Mexican Food: Dilly’s Taqueria Opens In Oak Bluffs On Circuit Avenue.

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